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Surprising Leadership Lessons from a Yoga Class

Some of you may not know that I’ve been doing yoga for a really long time. Almost 20 years, in fact. Shortly after starting, it began to impact my life to the point where I would be told that when I practiced regularly, I became a better businesswoman, mother and wife. So what does yoga and leadership have in common? Today I share with you the surprising leadership lessons I’ve learnt on my yoga journey through the years.

EP 69

I’m so excited to dive in and share with you how you can elevate your thinking, revolutionise your business, empower your team and take it to new heights to become a 7 figure CEO. In this episode, I’m introducing you to 2 different ways you can change your business processes and the way you approach handling your team to achieve growth. You'll not only free up your own time but also unlock the full potential of your team members. Together, you'll drive your business forward and achieve a new level of productivity and success.

Episode #78 5 RED FLAGS to look for when hiring

I’ve seen many employers and managers face hiring regret every day. You may think you have hired the absolute perfect person for the role but when they start working, they just don’t seem to be a good fit for the company culture or they just aren’t delivering the results you need. In this episode, I’m sharing 5 red flags to look for upfront during the application and interviewing stage to help you avoid having hiring regret.

Time Audit Results - My Surprising Results: What I Discovered & What I'm Changing

I recently spoke on the importance of doing a time audit in your business when it comes to managing your and your team’s time. Today, I go behind the scenes and share the surprising results I received from my own time audit. I dive into what I discovered, how my perspective has shifted and what I’m now committed to changing.

It’s true that many of us find joy in attempting to do it all ourselves, not only in our businesses but our personal lives as well. We get a kick out of feeling organised, but it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself some serious questions. Why am I choosing to spend time here? Does it have to be me? Is there another way?

Episode #76- How to always be getting the MOST VALUE out of your People

A common struggle that many leaders and business owners face is knowing how to get the most value out of their people. Getting to a place where you are ready to hand over tasks and delegate to people on your team can feel like yet another thing on your growing to-do list. In today's episode, I’m taking you through some powerful ways to get maximum productivity and value out of people who are working on your team without the worry, guilt or stress that a lot of business owners carry. Delegation is challenging for a lot of leaders, but I encourage you to sit down and really invest the time to create this list and master plan. It might surprise you how much time and energy you can free up!

Improving your systems and processes to help you scale with Shauna Vassell

Creating effective systems or implementing change within your business has the potential to support you and your team in a powerful way. However, doing so can be such an overwhelming concept for busy entrepreneurs, that really nailing down our processes often falls by the wayside. Today I’m joined by Shauna Vassell, who shares her wisdom on improving your systems and processes to help you scale.

Episode #74 - Do you have HIGH EXPECTATIONS or are you being UNREASONABLE?

A conversation that often comes up with my clients and business friends is around the topic of expectations. How do you know if what you are asking is okay? And what is the difference between having high expectations and being unreasonable? In this episode, I dive into the difference between high and unreasonable expectations and share five areas to consider when determining if your expectations are reasonable or unreasonable.

Have you done a TIME AUDIT before? Here's why this is a MUST for your business

Have you ever done a time audit in your business before? I know what you’re thinking - this sounds more than a little boring and there are way more exciting ways to spend the precious minutes of your day. But, I’m here to tell you why tracking where your and your team’s time is going will blow your mind and is an absolute MUST for your business. In today’s episode, I address three common challenges that my clients often talk about when it comes to managing their time, and recommend the practical tips and tools I’ve found have really helped get to the heart of these situations and take back control.

Episode #72 - 5 Tips to Communicating Change To Your Team with Mel Loy

Change impacts different people in different ways, and it’s important to know how to deliver information in a way that supports anyone who may be affected by it. Today I’m joined by Mel Loy, who shares with us her top five tips to communicating change to your team effectively. Whether it’s to do with your people, operations, structure or services, change can be tricky to navigate. It can often be challenging to get everyone on board when it comes to implementing new ideas, and having a strategy in place to share new information to your team is vital. We talk about how being prepared and early in your communication will put you on the front foot and keep you in control of the narrative. We talk about owning the decisions we make, even when change is out of our control. Standing strong in your choices will squash any uncertainty that may arise, and reduce the anxiety it can bring to your team.

Episode #71 - Is Micromanaging Your Team Always A Bad Thing?

Leading a team well, innovating in business and getting the growth profit you desire, doesn’t come without the ability to look in the mirror and challenge yourself to be the best leader you can be - powerful and graceful as you lead your business and team. So in today’s episode I share the common challenges my clients experienced last year and the lesson in each of them.

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