Episode #80 Surprising Leadership Lessons from a Yoga Class

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Some of you may not know that I’ve been doing yoga for a really long time. Almost 20 years, in fact. Shortly after starting, it began to impact my life to the point where I would be told that when I practiced regularly, I became a better businesswoman, mother and wife. So what does yoga and leadership have in common? Today I share with you the surprising leadership lessons I’ve learnt on my yoga journey through the years.

I first came to yoga during my years working in a high pressure environment, where I would go to the gym a few hours a week in an attempt to offset the many hours of ‘socialising’ that came with corporate life. I soon became dependent on yoga as my secret weapon to health and wellbeing - so much so that I even became a qualified teacher.

As a leader, there are many times when you’re caught off guard by a challenge that almost takes your breath away. A surprise resignation, an employee’s mistake or a customer complaint can come at any time, and aren’t always in your control. That’s why I believe one of the greatest lessons to learn is mastering the art of pausing to respond in a way that you feel great about. In this episode, I share with you six surprising things you can learn from attending a yoga class to help you become a better leader.

I talk about staying humble as a leader, and how being pushed to your physical limits in a yoga class can remind you what it’s like to be a beginner. You’ll also see how everyone in the room is wired differently, and how you can relate this to understanding what history and capabilities others are bringing to your business.

There are times when everyone in a yoga class hears instructions differently, and there’s something to be learned here about patience in giving instructions to your team. I talk about the range of emotions you may experience in a yoga class and how becoming aware of your own triggers can help you understand what you need to feel truly supported.

I encourage you to step into leading in a curious rather than furious way, and believe that the knowledge to be gained from a yoga class will give you amazing insights on your team, your business and yourself as an empowered leader.


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