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Ep 111: Laura O'Hagan - Paula Maidens Profit Profit Profit : How to get more of it in 2024

The focus of Ep 110 is all about: Profit. Answering questions such as why profit is often overlooked in favour of sales or revenue. Laura and Paula discuss reasons behind the lack of emphasis on profit in business conversations and why it is critical to both growth and sustainability.

Episode #109 - Hire Smarter Summer Series Pt 3 - Profitable Onboarding

In the last episode of the 3 Part Hire Smarter Mini-Series, the host Paula explores the often overlooked aspect of onboarding as a strategic investment rather than just an expense. She delves into the importance of viewing new hires as contributors to scaling your service-based business profitably.

Episode #108 - Hire Smarter Summer Series Pt 2 - How to Decide YOUR Top 5 Qualities To ONLY Hire Rockstars

In the latest episode of the Hire Smarter Mini-Series, the host Paula Maidens, focuses on achieving clarity before embarking on the hiring process and the significance of understanding five key aspects before getting started on your hiring process.

Episode #107 - Hire Smarter Summer Series (Part 1) - The Reason Why Most People Hire Wrong (and how to fix that for good!)

In this first episode of the Hire Smarter Mini-Series, hosted by Paula Maidens, the focus is on equipping CEOs with the knowledge and strategies needed to make great hiring decisions, ultimately leading to profitable scaling for service-based businesses.


Paula dives into the reasons most people hire wrong (and how to avoid that for good) and shares the inherent challenges of the hiring process, its potential for stress and overwhelm, especially when you as the CEO are already juggling multiple responsibilities.

Paula Maidens - Episode #106 - My 3 Top Client Lessons From 2023

As Paula shifts into reflection mode for 2023, she shares in this episode three common lessons that emerged across her clients throughout the year. You’ll be able to listen and reflect on your own leadership and take nuggets of wisdom for yourself into 2024.

Episode #105 - 5 Questions to Ask Each Of Your Team Before The End Of The Year

Before you dive into that well-deserved Christmas break, I’m sharing a simple yet impactful strategy to elevate your team's performance ready to kick off 2024!
And that is... by having an effective end-of-year catch-up with each of your team members.

In todays’ podcast episode, we delve into the art of how to have that conversation and how to make it meaningful, spark motivation and retention and you’ll learn the 5 strategic questions to ask to unlock the insights you need to enhance performance and kick off a successful 2024.

Episode #104 - 4 Day Work Week, Growth Lessons from Team of 3 to 12 and $2Mil + Revenue with Bonny Marsh, COO of Truii

In this episode of the Big Dreams Great Teams ™ , I am joined by Bonny Marsh, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Truii, a Brisbane-based technology and consulting company that creates data-driven web applications. She is also a Speech Pathologist, Mother of four, and mentor to mothers. In this candidate behind-the-scenes share, we discuss Bonny's experience of running their hybrid team of 12 staff, the challenges and practicalities of their family-friendly ethos, and the various evolutions they've faced growing to a $ 2 million plus revenue business - that is continuing to grow rapidly.

Episode #103 - 7 TRUTHS I typically only share with my Private Clients

In this week's podcast episode on the Big Dreams Great Teams™ Podcast, I'm revealing the 7 Priceless Truths that my Private Clients discover when they work with me.  These gems are from my 17-year journey in the industry, working with businesses of all sizes on hiring, growth and team development.

Episode #102 - What are you EXPECTING vs INSPECTING?

In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams™, we dive into the vital distinction between Expectations and Inspections. High expectations are common, but true success lies in actively Inspecting and monitoring progress, particularly in business and team management.

Episode #101 - Creating a Neuro-inclusive workplace with Dr Lutza Ireland

In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams™, I interview Dr Lutza Ireland (Autistic/ADHD/she/her) a psychologist, multi award winning designer, researcher and international speaker who is passionate about neuro-inclusion. In this episode Dr Lutza shares best practices for neuro-inclusive workplaces including universal design principles, focusing on clarity, collaboration, and effective tool usage.

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