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Episode #90 Are you the bottleneck in your business? (And what to do about it!)

Today’s episode is about staying in control of your business while not staying involved. Have you ever considered if you are a bottleneck in your business? I talk about what this concept means and share some real-life examples to help you understand where this might be happening in your business and some steps on how you can effectively work with your team.

GREAT leaders with KICK ASS teams have these 5 traits. Which ones can you tick?

In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams™, I share my top five leadership traits with you. These leadership traits are ones that I see demonstrated by the best-performing leaders, with the best-performing teams


A few weeks ago, I had a really busy week which made me reflect and think about whether I had set myself and my business up for success, by allowing and planning for space. In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams, I reflect upon how I have structured my business and share some reasons why as entrepreneurs, we should be planning for space to support us in weeks when things don’t always go according to plan.

Episode #87 EOFY reflections - a personal BTS share from my biz

I am so excited to share today’s episode of the Big Dreams Great Teams podcast as I take you behind the scenes and share some of my end-of-financial-year reflections. Dive in with me as I share an overview of my accounts, profitability, revenue, and some of the highlights and lessons I have learned along the way.

How hiring an Ops Manager created instant 20% revenue growth - a BTS of a Bookkeeping business with Sally Brindle

Today I go behind the scenes with one of my wonderful clients, Sally Brindle, who owns Total Accounts, a business that provides full-service bookkeeping to small and medium businesses. Sally started Total Accounts 10 years ago and is extremely passionate about helping small businesses thrive. In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams, Sally and I explore the journey of leading her high multiple six-figure business, and some of the big shifts she has made over the last nine months since working together in both her business and her life.

Having it all - Business, Health & Family with Jaiana Francis

In today’s episode of Big Dreams Great Teams, I am joined by CPA turned holistic health coach, Jaiana Francis. Jaiana is the Founder & CEO of Boss Babe Fitness Academy and today she talks with me about the challenges of being an entrepreneur growing and scaling a business and not letting our health and fitness journey fall by the wayside.

Episode #84 The 3 Steps to Giving ROBUST Feedback (and not feel like a bitch!)

One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients and business friends is HOW to phrase giving somebody feedback. In today’s episode of Big Dreams Great Teams, I dive deep into this topic and start by discussing how giving feedback is an art, a skill and a science that can be learnt, as for many entrepreneurs it often does not come naturally. I share my three steps to giving useful and robust feedback so that you can get the results you are after with your team.

Surprising Leadership Lessons after 5yrs in Business - a BTS with Entrepreneur Amy Sanders-Robbins

Have you ever done a time audit in your business before? I know what you’re thinking - this sounds more than a little boring and there are way more exciting ways to spend the precious minutes of your day. But, I’m here to tell you why tracking where your and your team’s time is going will blow your mind and is an absolute MUST for your business. In today’s episode, I address three common challenges that my clients often talk about when it comes to managing their time, and recommend the practical tips and tools I’ve found have really helped get to the heart of these situations and take back control.

Episode #82 Are you fixing the RIGHT problem?

Change impacts different people in different ways, and it’s important to know how to deliver information in a way that supports anyone who may be affected by it. Today I’m joined by Mel Loy, who shares with us her top five tips to communicating change to your team effectively. Whether it’s to do with your people, operations, structure or services, change can be tricky to navigate. It can often be challenging to get everyone on board when it comes to implementing new ideas, and having a strategy in place to share new information to your team is vital. We talk about how being prepared and early in your communication will put you on the front foot and keep you in control of the narrative. We talk about owning the decisions we make, even when change is out of our control. Standing strong in your choices will squash any uncertainty that may arise, and reduce the anxiety it can bring to your team.

How understanding your Human Design can help streamline your business with Amy Lea

One of the big things that I work on with my clients is how they can design a business and team that truly suits them as an individual. So today I've invited Amy Lea onto the podcast to talk about working in coherence instead of hustle, and how understanding your human design can help streamline your life and your business.

Amy is an astrologer, Human Design consultant and somatic business coach who helps her clients uncover their true selves, lead with their strengths and create their most aligned and enriching lives. She also teaches Human Design and astrology to coaches, healers, practitioners and leaders who are looking to bring this transformational work to their own clients.

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