Episode #78 5 RED FLAGS to look for when hiring

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

I’ve seen many employers and managers face hiring regret every day. You may think you have hired the absolute perfect person for the role but when they start working, they just don’t seem to be a good fit for the company culture or they just aren’t delivering the results you need. As an employer, you can start feeling frustration, disappointment and may even start resenting the new employee and yourself for not picking up the red flags in the recruitment.

In this episode, I’m sharing 5 red flags to look for upfront during the application and interviewing stage to help you avoid having hiring regret. Hindsight is a remarkable and sometimes very frustrating thing! So, let’s try and look out for these red flags from the beginning so we’re not left wondering how we didn’t see the problem before.

Take the opportunity from the very outset to reflect on whether the applicant follows the hiring process, answers your questions in an interview, is being vague, doesn’t ask you any questions or shows they’ve researched the company, and if they seem to only be motivated by money.

I’ll explore each red flag to watch for in this jam-packed conversation to ensure that you aren’t looking back with regret having to performance manage an employee. And remember, it’s so important to have conversations about expectations sooner rather than later because ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. 


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