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I have the pleasure of interviewing my client Georgia Harding from Well Nourished who shares the BTS of her recent experience, hiring an Operations Manager. Hear how she went from feeling ‘dread’ to excited…well before she found her person & all the details in between.

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I chat about the #1 mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to their team. It relates to those strong feelings you get when mistakes are made. So if you’re ready to banish feeling like every mistake is personal (goodbye ego, hello self aware boss!) and totally maintain your CEO focus - this ep will benefit you and your team!

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We all want the dream - dream life, dream relationship, dream biz. And yes, that includes the dream team to go with it - cos truth be told it isn’t a dream biz without a dream team!

In today’s episode I’m going to let you in on a secret. That unicorn team member you dream of? The one you wonder if they even exist. I’m sharing the simple mindset tip you need to ensure you get out of your own way and create the dream biz with the dream team (*unicorn team member included) that you so deserve.

So if you have had enough of the hustle and grind and want the free pass to get you your dream team…this ep’s for you!

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Scaling from 6 to 7 figures is hard and it’s normal to hit a plateau. The reason you hit resistance is because the hustle that got you to 6 figures… that ‘foundational’ stage simply isn’t what you need to KEEP doing to continue to grow.

In today’s episode I’m sharing the key mindset shifts to get you out of hustle mode and into 7 figure entrepreneur and CEO mode making the quantum leap from your old business to your new business, finally possible.

So as you execute your big plans for growth this year, make your journey of growth easier by listening to this powerful episode.

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Today’s episode is such an important topic as we discuss what to do when the operations side of your business starts to feel heavy.

Once the initial buzz of growing your business fades, things can start to feel a little heavy and overwhelm can set in when you find yourself “too busy” juggling all the balls. Whether it’s because you’re still in the weeds of doing #allthethings or something about the way your team is working just doesn’t feel quite right, it’s something you need to address and eliminate ASAP!

In this episode I chat with business analyst, consultant and mindset coach, Melissa Froehlich who shares how to untangle yourself from the heavy vibe that can come from managing all the operations in your business and how to find flow and alignment in your business.

Melissa’s background is in supporting business owners to run their operations (and give them their lives back!) and we chat about:

The importance of good “operational hygiene” - what this actually means and how to check it in your business

WTF the difference is between a VA, OBM, DOO and Integrator (you need to know this!) and who you should look to hire and when

How understanding yourself as a leader informs the style of team you actually need and how critical this element is when it comes to the operational side of your business feeling smooth

This 30 minutes might be the best you spend on your business this month, as Melissa shares all the juicy tips to give you clarity in what’s causing the heaviness and how to banish it for good - in the right way for your business.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Sabotage my team?! Who me? Never!!

I hate to break it to you, but accidentally sabotaging your team is a common issue I see #allthetime. So in this episode I share how not knowing who you truly are as a leader results in blocking the full potential of your team to succeed and creating chaos and unease for everyone - including yourself - along the way.

If you can’t quite put your finger on why you and your team feel out of alignment (whether a little or a lot!), then listen in for -

*Why looking in the mirror is the simple solution you’ve most likely missed

*What authentic leadership actually means

*The importance of straight talking conversations with your team to eliminate mistakes, confusion and ongoing disappointment

It’s time to stop trying to squeeze into someone else’s shoes and be the best leader you can be that both your biz and your team will thrive from! No more limiting or sabotaging yours and their potential, listen now so you can welcome ease, flow and alignment back into your world!

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This episode is one every entrepreneur and biz owner will relate to. In fact, I’m sure it will have you nodding & agreeing all the way through. Why? Because we’re talking about fear. And most importantly, the inevitable way it has of showing up with a vengeance when it comes to considering hiring your team.

I chat with copywriter, astrologer, and intuitive launch coach Sophia Pallas, about the very relatable process she went through with her hire. Sophia shares how she felt the fear and did it anyway. Was it easy? Was it worth it? Is her biz better for it?

If you’re stuck in the groundhog and overwhelmed of doing #allthethings whilst your fears are keeping you stuck, tune in to hear

-The 5 fears everyone can relate to that create obstacles to making necessary and strategic hires

-The most important realisation Sophia needed to move through this

-And how it’s possible to trade feeling fear and overwhelm for light and expansive, allowing you to breathe in your business again

If you’re feeling stuck and want to give 2022 the absolute best chance of success in your business – you want to listen to Sophia’s experience and the totally workable wisdom she shares. Consider this episode your free pass to bypass the fear altogether!

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I’m chatting with Emma Heuston, founder of The Remote Expert, to help you with the nitty-gritty legal side of hiring your team. Emma is a lawyer, author and entrepreneur who created her virtual law firm to help women build their empires with a solid legal foundation by offering customised legal services, terms and conditions, and templates.

In this episode, we’re talking all about how to protect yourself and your business when you’re hiring a team. I’ve been working with Emma for a few years and have always found her to be an absolute wealth of information with a down-to-earth approach to the law.

Emma discusses the minimum requirements entrepreneurs need to have in place to be legally compliant and feel safe when hiring a team. Take a listen for her not to be missed tips!

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Have you heard so many other business owners say it’s impossible to find great people? Or nobody will be able to do it as good as you?

Or maybe you’ve heard the opposite, how business owners depend on their amazing rockstars and wouldn’t be able to do it without them.

So how do you achieve the latter and avoid the former?

In today’s episode, I’m sharing with you a big secret that will help you build a killer team that works specifically for you. Getting the team right for you is incredibly important to building your business and achieving remarkable growth.

So what is the number one thing you need to master to build your team? Self awareness.

I’ll run you through exactly how to take a critical look at yourself to determine the kind of people you want to hire. I’ll give you a list of points and questions to reflect on to build a complete picture of who you are as a boss, leader and manager.

You can only hire the right people that suit you when you know exactly what drives you. You can then make truly powerful decisions to create the team of your dreams.

After listening, head over to the leadership quiz on my website to become crystal clear on who you are as a leader so you can find your perfect team.

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I’m excited to introduce you to my next guest, Courtney Rogers, and share this jam-packed conversation with you. Courtney is a Pricing and Sales Coach based in Brisbane and is fiercely determined to help women in business become confident leaders who charge what they are worth and grow a profitable business.

In this episode, Courtney talks about what a pricing and sales coach actually does and how a lack of confidence is one of the biggest blocks that she sees occurring for women in business. We discussed the importance of knowing the value of what you give and why your pricing needs to be in the forefront of your thought process to factor in the team you want to build.

We talked about thinking about pricing in a different way, building a service portfolio and looking at your reviews and testimonials for insights into your pricing. No matter where you’re at in business, there is so much value to take away. Enjoy.

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