PODCAST #73: Have you done a TIME AUDIT before? Here's why this is a MUST for your business

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Have you ever done a time audit in your business before? I know what you’re thinking - this sounds more than a little boring and there are way more exciting ways to spend the precious minutes of your day. But, I’m here to tell you why tracking where your and your team’s time is going will blow your mind and is an absolute MUST for your business. 


As entrepreneurs, managing our time is pretty much the biggest challenge we face. Most of us assume we know where we’re spending our time during our work days, but just like everything else - whether it’s tracking our diet or managing our finances - we rarely understand the full picture until we write it down and add it all up. 


In today’s episode, I address three common challenges that my clients often talk about when it comes to managing their time, and recommend the practical tips and tools I’ve found have really helped get to the heart of these situations and take back control. 


I talk about the importance of analysing whether you’re in a hiring or deprioritising situation when you’re running out of time. I share my thoughts on how to collaborate with your team on a time audit from a place of curiosity, rather than directing them from a place of accusation. I also offer a different perspective when it comes to hiring someone new, when you feel as though you can’t afford to. 


I know that like me, you want to drive yourself and your team to be as productive and efficient as possible. I’ve seen firsthand how a time audit can be an incredible diagnostic tool to assess the health of your time management, and encourage you to make sure you’re protecting one of your most valuable assets. 


I hope today’s episode inspires you to begin taking steps to get the most out of your day, your team, and bring back that precious space in your diary.


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