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Episode #128 - Client Lesson #1: Delegating EMAIL in a way that's easy (for you!)

Entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes often struggle with delegating tasks, especially when it comes to delegating the management of their emails. Today’s lesson dives into how you can keep this simple by identifying repetitive tasks and creating clear rules, delegation can become easier and more efficient.

Episode #127 - Why Hiring is Different In 2024 (& Why You Need to Get It Right For Small Business Success!)

In this episode, Paula Maidens delves into the essential strategies for achieving hiring success as a small business owner in 2024. Whether you're looking to hire your first team member or improve your hiring process, this episode is packed with actionable tips tailored for small business owners.

Episode #126 - The impact STRESS has on you & your business

In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams‪®‬, I am joined by Aubrey Nation, a Registered Nurse, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Wellness Expert who specialises in Functional Genetic Testing. Aubrey shares her insights on personalised health, functional genetic testing and what the impact of stress can be on our health as entrepreneurs.

Episode #125 - Unlocking the Secrets to A High Performance Team Culture

In this episode, we dive into the relationship between a high performing team and culture. There are many different ways of looking at this and I explore ‘Does high performance come from a good culture?’ Or, ‘Does culture drive high performance?’

Episode #124 - Why These 5 Words Are Music To My Ears

In this episode, I discuss the importance of fostering an environment in your business where team members feel empowered to take initiative and make decisions, particularly in busy or peak times.

Episode #113- When is it time to FIRE someone?

In this episode Paula dives into the common question of “When it is the right time to let someone go” along with all those other common questions about firing including "How much time is reasonable" "How do you know enough is enough" etc etc!

You'll hear the important considerations you need to take into account including the importance of being clear about expectations and responsibilities and giving someone the opportunity to change and improve before making this big decision.

Episode #122 - How to Overcome These 2 Common Business Challenges

In today’s episode, I discuss two common business challenges that have been a theme for many of my clients in the first quarter of 2024. I talk about how to manage team members you feel are performing at an average or below-average level, and how to evaluate your team costs and efficiency, particularly in the context of potential changes in revenue.

Episode #121 - How much should you pay?

In this episode, I talk about how to determine appropriate pay structures for your team members, and how it can impact your team dynamics and business outcomes. I explore some of the intricacies of underpaying and overpaying for a role, and explain why it is important to align pay rates with market research, financial feasibility, and the role's inherent value within your business.

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