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Private Coaching


"Our 1:1 Clarity Call helped me get clarity and a greater sense of what I can contribute to my business in my role, and how I can and should be adding value.  I loved how you listened and shared ideas in a non judgement way. I've already sung your praises to someone in need"

Bonny Marsh,
Director- Truii

"Amazing business coach for anyone with staff and looking to manage processes more efficiently. Excellent recruitment strategist. Absolutely over-delivers. Couldn't recommend enough"

Jane McFadden,
Director- Body and Mind

"I found your coaching inspiring. You were very genuine and helpful and I'm sure you'll be able to help me again in the future!"

Amy Tasker,
Founder - Groove Nation

“Paula helped us build a small team for a film launch project (called the The Abundance Code) which launched in June 2016.

There were a lot of moving pieces to that launch so we needed some real all-rounders in terms of broad skills and “everything is figure-out-able” positive can-do attitudes. Small teams can be harder to recruit for because people need to be across a lot of different things in each role.

Paula walked us through the recruitment side of things so brilliantly, so that I didn’t have to worry about it. Which was great because it’s not my genius zone at all.

Occasionally you come across a recruit who is super-amazing. I’ve been in business for a long time and I know how rare and special those people are. Amongst the small team we recruited for what was originally a short-term project, Paula found me someone like that. I’m still working with that wonderful person over 2 1/2 years later and couldn’t be happier with how she’s working out. A stellar recruit and a real keeper! Thanks Paula!“

Julie Ann Cairns,

"Your help over the last 12 months has been invaluable.  Your people management skills have helped my business to no end, and I do not know what I would do without them. I always seem to come away from our meetings with a renewed outlook and vigour, regardless of the business challenges that lie ahead. You seem to be able to bring renewed clarity and a fresh perspective regardless of the problems I have with my team, to thank very much for that."

Andrew Dunn,
Managing Director - Maxcad Drafting Services

"I am feeling excited for the future, less overwhelmed and more structured in my business management and leadership approach

I feel better equipped with the right language and the approach to use when facing difficulties with my remote team.

By working together I have been able to cement or clarify my direction for my business which is flowing into a clearer understanding of my expectations for my staff.

Thank you!.

Sarah Parkinson,
Director - Diverse Bookkeeping

"Paula assisted our business with HR leadership coaching, gave us the tools to implement new ideas and facilitated workshops for our team. The coaching and presentation style that Paula offers is optimistic, firm and encouraging. She is a delight to work with. I believe that Paula's support was exactly what we needed to reset the platform during a time of change in our business. I highly recommend Paula for both her expertise in her field and her personable, effective approach."

Jeremy Harris Partner,
Gill McKerrow & Associates

Online Courses


"I really enjoyed this Recruitment Course. I must admit I thought job descriptions were just a time waste for small business, and were only for large corporate companies who had time to waste. I thought it was obvious that people should know what they are doing in their roles. Changing the recruitment approach and putting some of the frameworks into practice has really given me a lot more time, and made the process easier to select people as only the right people are responding to the job ad. It has definitely created me more time and money."

Jane McFadden,
Director, Body and Mind

"I just wanted to reach out and say Thank you... the stress of last weeks news {employee resignation} was minimized by knowing a "process" and having it all laid out. I have just been checking off my boxes and working on getting the advertisement "right". I am feeling quite accomplished in getting it to this point in less than a week. That’s what I love about your program. It’s step by step...which is what we all need. I was completely GREEN to recruiting and you gave me the step by steps. I did the work... but you oversaw the steps. And they are all manageable pieces. Not too long - not too overwhelming. I do the work. The process solves itself. Little glitches and questions along the way you are there to help".

Lynda Orton-Hill,
Operations Manager, Say Yes Dog Training

"The Hire Your First Team Member course was an absolute game-changer for me. I’ve been getting ready to hire someone for several months now but didn’t know where to start or what to look out for when recruiting on my own. This short course was an absolute gold mine of information and tips that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Paula’s straight-forward but detailed (leaves no stone unturned) approach was exactly what I needed to get my s#it together. It's worth so much!! Thank you!".

Sophia Arthur,

Speaking and in-house Training


"Our business was experiencing lots of growth and we had new leaders in new positions who were recruiting without a well-documented process.

We engaged Paula to run a recruitment & interviewing training session at our leadership conference and we thoroughly enjoyed her style, friendly approach and common-sense strategies. Her session created a great buzz and excitement and I happily recommend her"

Jarrod Graetz ,
CEO Light FM Melbourne

"I was first exposed to the services of Paula at a Flight Centre Conference in Bali in November 2011 where she presented on the generational differences in the workplace. Paula gave a very engaging presentation that had fresh and relevant content.

As soon as I returned from Bali, I contacted Paula to see if she would be available to work with the Flight Centre Financial Controllers. I have since had Paula present at conferences and training programs for our Financial Controllers and General Managers of Finance as well as delivering presentations to our next generation of leaders in a training program.

Paula then became a resource I would turn to for any "people" related requirements for conferences and training. Paula is an incredible talent and was an invaluable resource to our business."

Michelle Degenherdt,
Peopleworks Business Services - Flight Centre

"I outsource as rarely as possible. It was with trepidation that I spoke to Paula Maidens about leadership development within our group.

I was looking for someone who could connect with our people and effect change. I was not looking for an entertainer wrapped up as one trick presenter.

I found Paula was able to deliver and contribute to a progressive development plan to a board group of skills and demographics. Paula was easy to deal with and  clearly took pride in what she did.

Equipped  with a board set of skills across different businesses meant that Paula could see the bigger picture, this meant that her intuition drove our direction rather than constant guidance. This saved us alot of time and gave the program a flow.

I trusted Paula with access to our people something our biggest asset. I was glad I made that decision."

Shane Flynn,
Sleepys CEO & Part Owner




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