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Her cool, calm, collected and curious way has rubbed off on me

"I started working with Paula as my quickly growing business was experiencing staffing issues and I needed help. Paula's coaching immediately helped me to navigate a really tricky period of huge staff growth and how to use the learnings that came from that. Not only was Paula a trusted resource for advice, but she also taught me how to best handle HR situations for myself. Working with Paula, I feel like I learnt 10 years of trial and error type learning very swiftly and successfully with the help of someone who has been there and done that. Paula's broad experience and her cool, calm, collected and curious way of working has rubbed off on me and I now find myself thinking quite frequently "What would Paula do?".

Allana Frisken 2
Allana Frisken
Founder, Muse Pilates Studio




Working with Paula was easy, helpful, thought-provoking

"I reached out to Paula during a challenging growth phase for our team. Paula's coaching immediately equipped us with practical tools, resulting in swift improvements in our approach to briefs and follow-up. Paula listens so well that your answers are always spot on, as opposed to feeling railroaded into a one-size-fits-all solution. Working with Paula was easy, helpful, thought-provoking, and a great investment."

Jess Ndenda
Jess Ndenda
CEO & Director - Olive Louise Social 

I learnt who I wanted to be as a leader

"What I got was more than just how to write a job description, how to hire, how to do the interview & how to onboard. What I learnt was who I wanted to be as a leader, the skills that I had, the gaps that needed to be filled. I learnt about what works and what doesn’t work. So I was able to really step into this role of CEO and leader, which was actually the hardest part for me"

Amy Taylor Kabbaz
Amy Taylor-Kabbaz,
Matrescence Activist & Founder of Mama Rising

I loved how you listened and shared ideas.

"Our 1:1 Clarity Call helped me get clarity and a greater sense of what I can contribute to my business in my role, and how I can and should be adding value.  I loved how you listened and shared ideas in a non judgement way. I've already sung your praises to someone in need"

Bonny Marsh

How to show up in my zone of genius

"I had gotten to the point where I thought - I can't do everything that I'm doing. It was very much that circumstance of waiting until you're too busy to do it, and then it gets messy. I wanted to get someone to help me, free up my time to spend with clients, and choose how I was using it.

I loved that you were so transparent with your own hiring processes and you could talk through that which gave me light bulb moments to consider things that I hadn't actually considered before.

Now that I've hired, all I need to do is show up in my zone of genius and everybody takes care of the rest. That is the transformation.."

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Peta Serras,
Founder - The Professional Babe

I feel confident, supported & assured

"After just a couple of hours together in our initial strategy call, I was really impressed with your knowledge and how you were able to help me feel confident, supported and assured with where the team was currently and how 'normal' the challenges that we are facing are. I'm excited to work with you for the next few months and it feels good to know I have you on my side to support ME from the top to navigate this next stage of team and business changes and growth."

Profile Images - TESTIMONIALS (4)
Allana Frisken
Founder - Muse Pilates Studio

Paula saved me so much money through this process.

"I have worked with Paula twice now. I signed up for an initial package and then I signed on again, because the value she provided in my business was just astronomical! ​

We have expanded very very quickly, particularly over the last 6-12mths. It's just completely skyrocketed, which is super exciting, but also comes with a unique set of challenges around needing to hire quite quickly & quite strategically.

I had an idea of what I needed and Paula gave me so much clarity and helped me ask myself the right questions which actually gave me a strategy on how to hire in my business.

What I thought I needed did not end up being what I actually needed. So not only did she provide me with that clarity to support a really fast moving business, but Paula's also saved me so much money in the process.

One of the best pieces of advice that she gave me that has resonated with me is hiring before you actually need to hire, before you feel really stressed and overwhelmed.

I really recommend reaching out to Paula, sooner rather than later."

Jazze Jervis,
7-Figure Business Coach

So much more trust in myself & my business

"Paula you were amazing. I am so grateful to have been able to sit and work through the hurricane in my head with you. Calm seas post our meeting and so much more trust in myself, my business and my direction. I’ve gained the structure and ability to place what felt like monumental tasks into clear and easy to understand systems for both myself as a leader AND a team member already working with me or whom I am calling in to be a part of the team. I have had multiple weeks now where all the tasks I have needed got completed behind the scenes and I haven't paid it a single breath of attention (in a good way!).

The strategy call has given me time-freedom, less stress, and provided a better customer experience in my business. It provided the opportunity to create a clear vision for team roles already in play and in the future, instantly executable changes that improve the team flow and experience straight away."

Alice Nicholls
Alice Nicholls,
Nutritionist & Network Marketing Leader

Instrumental in helping me lead a more profitable business.

"I worked with Paula and the impact it's had on my business is absolutely incredible. I've become a lot more clear with my team. She really helped me to define the roles that I needed within my team and I really think that I've just become a much better leader as a result. I cannot recommend Paula enough. She honestly has just been so fantastic and so instrumental in helping me to build a better and more profitable business."

Georgia Harding Testimonial Pic
Georgia Harding,
Naturopath, Well Nourished

Excellent Recruitment Strategist

"Amazing business coach for anyone with staff and looking to manage processes more efficiently. Excellent recruitment strategist. Absolutely over-delivers. Couldn't recommend enough"

Jane McFadden,
Director-Body and Mind

Gave me the clarity and confidence to do what I’d been putting off for over 2 years

"Paula Maidens stands alone when it comes value. She’s like the gift that just keeps giving. Passionate, thoughtful, curious, professional. Every single touchpoint I had with Paula delivered a 10x return! I engaged Paula, after a strong recommendation from one of her clients (who happens to be a dear friend), to help me make my first ever hire. And I cannot thank her enough. I had zero idea where to begin and within minutes of our first call I knew I was in safe hands. Her wealth of expertise and experience, coupled with an unparalleled generosity gave me the clarity and confidence to do what I’d been putting off for over 2 years. She was so patient with me. She personalised everything. It was clear she genuinely cared about me, my brand and my success, and was willing to do anything to see me win. Aside from giving me a deep understanding about the entire hiring process, and the incredible work she did to draw out an exceptional job description and set of interview questions, what I loved most was the confidence she gave me to own my own value. To be proud of what I’ve achieved and to own that I was ready to take the first big step to building a bigger, better, more beautiful business. If you’re a small biz owner like me, or someone who knows next to nothing about the entire hiring process, I cannot recommend Paula enough for supporting you on your journey. And I’ve since discovered she’s a secret weapon to many successful entrepreneurs on the scene. Hire her immediately."

Mykel Dixon
Mykel Dixon

I'd love to keep working with her forever

"I began working with Paula when I was starting to hire new staff in brand new roles and wanted to grow my skills and confidence in managing the team and making it easier. By working with Paula, I've been able to set up clarity sheets, job descriptions, and initial onboarding processes for 3 roles. I loved Paula's energy, practicality, and ability to think quickly and make sense, and pull ideas into an actionable plan. Working with Paula was fantastic and I'd love to keep working with her forever."

Deb Hooper
Debbie Hooper,
Life Skills 4 Kids

It was all tailored to my specific circumstances

"I loved the experience of working with Paula during our Team Clarity Session. I was overwhelmed and needed support, but didn't know exactly what that support could look like.

The session with Paula clarified my answers to all my questions and left me with a sense of confidence in how to move forward in this next chapter of my business. I appreciated the ways Paula drew on her expertise and experience to guide me in the decision making process, in a way that was tailored to my specific circumstances and vision for my business.

As a result of our session I have created a job advertisement and am looking forward to the process of expanding my team.
I'd absolutely recommend Paula, and am so grateful for her support."

Sophie Brock
Sophie Brock,
Motherhood Studies Sociologist

By the end I felt a huge sense of relief...

"I contacted Paula due to a lack of clarity around business structure, clear roles and the hiring process. Paula demystifies the sometimes challenging task of building and leading a team. She is a wealth of experience and is generous in sharing her knowledge within the context of the business.
Paula made it easy, comfortable and every session was clearly directed towards my overall goals. Our challenges were clearly identified and I was stepped through a clear path forwards. By the end of our time together, I felt a huge sense of relief in knowing how to build our team to support me and grow our business."
Amy Tasker 2 Small
Amy Tasker,
Founder - Groove Nation

The person we hired has been a stellar recruit!

“Paula helped us build a small team for a film launch project (called the The Abundance Code) which launched in June 2016.

There were a lot of moving pieces to that launch so we needed some real all-rounders in terms of broad skills and “everything is figure-out-able” positive can-do attitudes. Small teams can be harder to recruit for because people need to be across a lot of different things in each role.

Paula walked us through the recruitment side of things so brilliantly, so that I didn’t have to worry about it. Which was great because it’s not my genius zone at all.

Occasionally you come across a recruit who is super-amazing. I’ve been in business for a long time and I know how rare and special those people are. Amongst the small team we recruited for what was originally a short-term project, Paula found me someone like that. I’m still working with that wonderful person over 2 1/2 years later and couldn’t be happier with how she’s working out. A stellar recruit and a real keeper! Thanks Paula!“

Julie Ann Cairns,

Clarity of advice & a streamlined plan

"I signed up for Paula's VIP Day to focus on how to best hire new staff, work with existing staff and resolve the issue of me being the bottleneck in the process.

The quality of advice given by Paula and the streamlined action plan we created, provided me with greater clarity on what to train staff on and how. I would highly recommend the VIP Day. "

Richard Jefferies
Richard Jefferies,
Director-Newbridge Financial Services

Really define what I and the practice needed in an employee.

"Paula could not have come at a more critical time in my business! She helped guide me through recruiting and finding the right staff and assisted through the interviewing process which is something I hadn't done a lot of prior to working with Paula.

Through the processes we implemented and with Paula's depth of knowledge, it allowed me to really define what I and the practice needed in an employee.

Paula's support during the whole process was amazing and I'm truly thankful for getting the clarity around what I was really looking for and needing with existing and new employees."

Pamela Nuttall (1)
Pamela Nuttall,
Lumos Business Solutions

Logical and thought-provoking approaches

"Paula is an experienced and empathetic professional who mentors through logical and thought-provoking approaches. Frankly, I'm not sure how I would have navigated a difficult year without you Paula"

Kylee Kay (1)
Kylee Kay,
Toast Interaction

Helped me to navigate a really tricky period of huge staff growth

"I started working with Paula as my quickly growing business was experiencing staffing issues and I needed help. Paula's coaching immediately helped me to navigate a really tricky period of huge staff growth and how to use the learnings that came from that. Not only was Paula a trusted resource for advice, but she also taught me how to best handle HR situations for myself. Working with Paula, I feel like I learnt 10 years of trial and error type learning very swiftly and successfully with the help of someone who has been there and done that. Paula's broad experience and her cool, calm, collected and curious way of working has rubbed off on me and I now find myself thinking quite frequently "What would Paula do?" and I've already sung Paula's praises to someone in need."

Allana Frisken
Allana Frisken
Muse Pilates

Supportive and practical

"It was necessary step in discovering what I really want. Even if that meant discovering what I don’t want too. Working with Paula was supportive and practical at a time when I was making emotional decisions. I enjoyed the process and our time together."

Danielle Colley
Danielle Colley

Better business management & Leadership

"I am feeling excited for the future, less overwhelmed and more structured in my business management and leadership approach

I feel better equipped with the right language and the approach to use when facing difficulties with my remote team.

By working together I have been able to cement or clarify my direction for my business which is flowing into a clearer understanding of my expectations for my staff.

Thank you!

Sarah Image Testimonials
Sarah Parkinson,
Director - Diverse Bookkeeping

I now feel really confident with the hiring & interview process.

"When we first started working together I was keen to bring more skills into the team and was feeling like I didn’t have enough support in general. To be honest, I was feeling burnt out and exhausted and I knew I was being the bottleneck in the business by doing so many things I didn’t need to. I had been trying to bring people into the business on my own but it wasn’t working out for me, so I knew I needed support.

You helped me to understand firstly my leadership style and from there get clarity on the right sort of people I needed in each role to fit with my expectations. We did a bit of a restructure with the existing team and you coached through those tricky conversations so I could have them in a way that felt good to me. I now feel really clear about who I need on my team, what each role looks like and I feel really confident with the hiring and interview process.

Thank you for your guidance and support! If anyone is looking to get support in their business with recruitment Paula is the lady! Go to her because she will support you all the way.

I have absolutely loved working with you, thank you for all your support and help!"

Kelly McHugh
Kelly McHugh,
Digital Yoga Academy

Paula actually listens and wants to get in the weeds with you.

"What I loved most about working with Paula was her genuine care. She is easy to talk to, incredibly smart and most importantly, LISTENS. It's rare to find someone who truly cares about your business and wants to get in the weeds to help you! I now have a lot more clarity on my team, who I need to hire, who I need to let go of and how I can leverage my team so that I can grow! I feel empowered that I am the CEO, can lead my team and that I have systems and structure in place to continue growing. "

Heather Finley
Dr. Heather Finley,
Dieticial & Gut Health Specialists

Paula is optimistic, firm and encouraging.

"Paula assisted our business with HR leadership coaching, gave us the tools to implement new ideas and facilitated workshops for our team. The coaching and presentation style that Paula offers is optimistic, firm and encouraging. She is a delight to work with. I believe that Paula's support was exactly what we needed to reset the platform during a time of change in our business. I highly recommend Paula for both her expertise in her field and her personable, effective approach."

Jeremy Harris Partner,
Gill McKerrow & Associates

Group Coaching + DIY Programs


Putting the framework in place has given me more time...

"I really enjoyed this Recruitment Course. I must admit I thought job descriptions were just a time waste for small business, and were only for large corporate companies who had time to waste. I thought it was obvious that people should know what they are doing in their roles. Changing the recruitment approach and putting some of the frameworks into practice has really given me a lot more time, and made the process easier to select people as only the right people are responding to the job ad. It has definitely created me more time and money."

Jane McFadden,
Director, Body and Mind

You gave me all the steps in manageable pieces.

"I just wanted to reach out and say Thank you... the stress of last weeks employee resignation news was minimized by knowing a "process" and having it all laid out. I have just been checking off my boxes and working on getting the advertisement "right". I am feeling quite accomplished in less than a week. That’s what I love about your program. It’s step by step...which is what we all need. I was completely GREEN to recruiting and you gave me the step by steps and they are all manageable pieces. Not too long - not too overwhelming. I do the work. The process solves itself."

Lynda Orton - Hill,
Operations Manager, Say Yes Dog Training

Highly engaging & practical course

"The Hiring Mastery course provided the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications required to hire a new team member. Paula was incredibly generous with her time and feedback and provided detailed scaffolding and examples to make the course highly engaging and practical. I'd have no hesitation recommending Paula to other entrepreneurs embarking on or feeling bewildered or overwhelmed by the hiring process."

Profile Images - TESTIMONIALS
Dr. Kristy Goodwin,
Digital Wellbeing Expert

I feel so confident I have the tools & skills

"This program was WELL WORTH the investment. I learnt so much about myself, my business and my ideal employee - and I now feel so confident that I have the skills and the tools to advertise, interview and hire the right person for the job. I couldn't recommend this program any more highly - you'd be crazy to try and do this on your own. Paula was an amazing support, a wealth of information and there every step of the way!"

Profile Images - TESTIMONIALS (1)
Rebecca Black,

Absolute game changer for me

"The Hire Your First Team Member course was an absolute game-changer for me. I’ve been getting ready to hire someone for several months now but didn’t know where to start or what to look out for when recruiting on my own. This short course was an absolute gold mine of information and tips that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Paula’s straight-forward but detailed (leaves no stone unturned) approach was exactly what I needed to get my s#it together. It's worth so much!! Thank you!".

Sophia Pallas
Sophia Pallas

Took away the overwhelm

"This course and the workbook helped me to create the environment, tasks and processes as I went through and totally took away that ‘overwhelm’ feeling that has been keeping me stuck. I feel really confident now and I loved picturing my ideal team and working environment".

Mim Jenkinson
Mim Jenkinson,
Entrepreneur, Business Mentor,
Creative & Sticker Maker

Speaking + In-House Training


Inspiring & Authentic Speaker

"Paula was a valuable and inspiring contribution to The Belle Evolutions October 2022 members event.

Her willingness to share her story with authenticity and raw honesty made her an outstanding speaker. However, it was her effort in providing real and specific tools that provided outstanding value and the amount of time she took to connect with so many women in business that resonated with her message, that made her a true highlight of the event.
Paula covered everything from the early steps of starting her business to demonstrating the practical tools that we can implement to hire and lead a team fueled for growth and with a sustainable culture.
Her contribution was original and inspiring. She spoke with a confidence and engaging authenticity that had the entire room hanging on every word and impacted for the better. She is a true asset to any audience."
Profile Images - TESTIMONIALS (5)
Jessica Ndenda,
The Belle Evolution - Founder 

Mastermind Guest Expert

"I invited Paula to run a Masterclass in my mastermind. It was a fabulous and much needed delivery for all my beauties. Thank you again for your energy, wisdom and honestly for showing up for my brand. I feel truly blessed and connected and look forward to future partnerships. Thank you Paula."

Jennifer Madrid Testimonial
Jennifer Madrid,
Business Coach - She Vibes High

Value-packed Workshop, First-time Hiring

"I reached out to Paula as an expert in her field to deliver a workshop to the women in my membership club. And oh my goodness she delivered.
Paula has an awesome presenting style and her workshop was value-packed, breaking down all the things that small businesses need to consider when hiring their first staff member.
If you're considering starting or expanding your team then I highly recommend a discussion with Paula to make sure you make the right hire the first time."

Georgina Bowden
Georgina Bowden,
Business Coach - CEO Club

Recruitment & Interview Training Session

"Our business was experiencing lots of growth and we had new leaders in new positions who were recruiting without a well-documented process.

We engaged Paula to run a recruitment & interviewing training session at our leadership conference and we thoroughly enjoyed her style, friendly approach and common-sense strategies. Her session created a great buzz and excitement and I happily recommend her"

Jarrod Graetz
Jarrod Graetz
CEO Light FM Melbourne

Professional & Knowledgable HR Specialist

"Paula and I have worked together through our TEC (The Executive Connection) peer mentoring group with Paula as both a speaker for TEC and a member of the group I chair. Paula is a highly professional and knowledgable HR specialist. As a speaker she manages group dynamics well and delivers exceptional take home value. She has a significant range of experience from running her own businesses to international corporate roles, so her content is relevant and engaging both for SME business owners and executives from larger corporates."

Amanda Cole TEC
Amanda Cole,
Strategic & Business Mentor - TEC

Conferences and Training

"I was first exposed to the services of Paula at a Flight Centre Conference in Bali in November 2011 where she presented on the generational differences in the workplace. Paula gave a very engaging presentation that had fresh and relevant content.

As soon as I returned from Bali, I contacted Paula to see if she would be available to work with the Flight Centre Financial Controllers. I have since had Paula present at conferences and training programs for our Financial Controllers and General Managers of Finance as well as delivering presentations to our next generation of leaders in a training program.

Paula then became a resource I would turn to for any "people" related requirements for conferences and training. Paula is an incredible talent and was an invaluable resource to our business."

Michelle Degenherdt,
Peopleworks Business Services - Flight Centre

Leadership Development

"I outsource as rarely as possible. It was with trepidation that I spoke to Paula Maidens about leadership development within our group. I was looking for someone who could connect with our people and effect change. I was not looking for an entertainer wrapped up as one trick presenter.

I found Paula was able to deliver and contribute to a progressive development plan for a broad group of skills and demographics. Paula was easy to deal with and clearly took pride in what she did.

Equipped  with a broad set of skills across different businesses meant that Paula could see the bigger picture and her intuition drove our direction rather than constant guidance. This saved us alot of time and gave the program a flow.

I trusted Paula with access to our people which are our biggest asset. I was glad I made that decision."

Shane Flynn
Sleepys CEO & Part Owner

Conference Guest Speaker

“Paula delivered a content packed key note presentation in an easy to digest way.  Paula has a natural ease on stage that ensures your audience will enjoy her presentation style however will walk away with plenty of tools to implement immediately into their business.”
Clarissa Rayward
Clarissa Rayward,
Brisbane Family Law Centre - Director