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Your business is established and growing, yet you find yourself feeling like you did at the beginning, with all the doubts creeping back in. So today I share why these doubts are totally normal and how moving from furiosity to curiosity, allows you the space to resolve them effectively and expand yourself as a leader.

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In today's ep, I chat with Kelsea Koenrecih, a self described Freedom Facilitator & Breakthrough Cultivator, who shares so much wisdom for juggling life and business while maintaining your sanity.

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In this episode, I chat about the predicament many entrepreneurs face as they scale and how to use the uncomfortable feelings as fuel to master the key elements of successful 7 figure teams - hiring the right people and leading them well.

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How you handle difficult conversations is critical to both your business and team thriving. So let’s park the avoidance and download today’s episode where I chat all things managing difficult conversations with your employees - both when you need to have one and when you're on the receiving end of difficult feedback from your team.

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I’m chatting with my client, Kelly McHugh, CEO of Digital Yoga Academy about the lessons gained from her recent business restructure, hiring process and the all important benefits of gaining clarity and confidence.

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I chat with Becky Brunner, a team culture strategist who works with business owners to create a strong team culture resulting in happy, positive and connected teams - beyond just “work”. We all wish for motivated, positive & productive teams, so Becky shares her insights, enabling you to avoid those awkward conversations, misunderstandings and team frustrations.

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Today’s episode is a super real, raw & revealing chat with the amazing Amy Taylor-Kabbaz - Mama, Best-Selling Author, Journalist & Matrescence Activist. If anyone understands and can provide insight into the juggle between business, motherhood and our identity as women, it’s Amy!

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My guest today is Charissa Lim a Certified Behavioural Consultant & DISC advocate who’s passionate about helping businesses gain first-hand insights into people's behavioural traits through one of the world's most popular personality profiling tools.

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In today’s episode I chat about the 5 stages of team growth and how you can focus with laser vision to escape the sh%t show (aka #nofreetime #doingallthethings) and enter CEO flow with ease and a side serve of grace. Team has been and always will be the key piece you need to nail to really cement a business that thrives - with or without you. Because those vacays ordering poolside drinks won’t happen without a rock solid team to support you.

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If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s how viable remote work actually is! I chat with Jo Palmer from Pointer Remote about the seismic shift in mindset that has occurred in relation to remote work over the last two years and why this is positive for everyone. Plus what you absolutely need to do to ensure your business thrives.

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