PODCAST #75: Improving your systems and processes to help you scale with Shauna Vassell

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Creating effective systems or implementing change within your business has the potential to support you and your team in a powerful way. However, doing so can be such an overwhelming concept for busy entrepreneurs, that really nailing down our processes often falls by the wayside. Today I’m joined by Shauna Vassell, who shares her wisdom on improving your systems and processes  to help you scale. 


Shauna is a Certified Executive Coach who helps her clients become better leaders, reach the next level in their careers and grow high performing teams. She guides people in embracing change while creating meaningful impact in their personal and professional lives. 


When it comes to keeping the operations in your business running smoothly, consistency is key. It can affect the satisfaction of not only your team, but your clients and customers as well. However, if you’re a creative entrepreneur who struggles to focus in on the nitty gritty details, or a business owner with little time on your hands, being asked to be consistent may present itself as quite a challenge.


In our conversation, Shauna talks about the lack of clarity around what a system really is, which keeps many people in overwhelm and without healthy processes. She breaks down the meaning of a system and its value in helping you achieve the outcome you’re really looking for. 


We talk about starting off with the small things when it comes to streamlining processes, and what to ask yourself when creating new strategies. What are you trying to achieve? What are your client’s or customer’s needs? Knowing your objectives will help you to put in place the systems that will bring you into alignment with your goals. 


Shauna shares her tips on reviewing your processes, which include breaking down all the little steps to understand where things can be improved. We discuss identifying the symptoms in your business that mean you’ve outgrown your current ways of operating, and how to analyse what’s bringing value to your processes and what’s not.


Shauna describes the operational pieces as the bedrock; the tree trunk that supports all the different branches that make up your business. Rather than focusing solely on fast growth, she encourages us to value incremental improvement, which will provide the strong foundation you need to successfully scale your business. 


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