PODCAST #72: 5 Tips to Communicating Change To Your Team with Mel Loy

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Change impacts different people in different ways, and it’s important to know how to deliver information in a way that supports anyone who may be affected by it. Today I’m joined by Mel Loy, who shares with us her top five tips to communicating change to your team effectively.


Mel is the owner and CEO of Brisbane-based agency Hey Mel! Communication & Training. With  over 20 years experience in corporate communication, Mel strives to support business owners in getting better at delivering information and ultimately getting the best reactions possible from those on the receiving end. 


Whether it’s to do with your people, operations, structure or services, change can be tricky to navigate. It can often be challenging to get everyone on board when it comes to implementing new ideas, and having a strategy in place to share new information to your team is vital. We talk about how being prepared and early in your communication will put you on the front foot and keep you in control of the narrative. 


People respond to change in such varying ways, that really knowing your team and how they may react to certain news will help you deliver new information in a way that’s best for each person. Know who you’re speaking to, and you’ll understand how to break the news - good or bad - in a way that resonates with and supports your audience.  


Mel encourages transparency when it comes to sharing news with your team, including giving people the ‘why’ and being able to translate the message into something meaningful for them. This type of leadership builds the trust between you and your team that is so crucial in building a successful business. 


We talk about owning the decisions we make, even when change is out of our control. Standing strong in your choices will squash any uncertainty that may arise, and reduce the anxiety it can bring to your team.


It may be appealing to avoid dealing with the questions or resistance we may face. However, Mel assures us that being an open, transparent leader with strategic communication will support you and your team to face any change together with confidence and unity.


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