PODCAST #76: How to always be getting the MOST VALUE out of your People

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

A common struggle that many leaders and business owners face is knowing how to get the most value out of their people. Getting to a place where you are ready to hand over tasks and delegate to people on your team can feel like yet another thing on your growing to-do list. 

So today I’m taking you through some powerful ways to get maximum productivity and value out of people who are working on your team without the worry, guilt or stress that a lot of business owners carry. 

If the people on your team are constantly coming to you to ask what’s next and you would like them to work more autonomously, understanding exactly what they should be doing, this episode is going to be perfect for you. By being clear on what it is you need and want to get done, you can then begin to delegate tasks and longer term projects, both freeing up your time and inching your business forward in a systematic and productive way. 

In this episode, I’m sharing two ways you can think about delegating to someone on your team in order to get the most value out of their time. This is all about setting them up for ongoing tasks, eliminating the need for them to come to you when they’ve run out of things to do. 

I talk about the power of handing over repeatable tasks and coming up with an extensive list of the tasks you currently do that you could hand over to someone else. These are the easiest tasks to hand over because you’re already doing them on a regular basis. I share some examples of what these tasks might be and how to go about delegating them without creating even more work for yourself.

Another powerful way to delegate is by mapping out your year or at least the next 3-6 months. Think of all the things you have booked in your diary, the ideas you have and the projects you would like to get happening. By mapping it all out, you can then begin to delegate the tasks and projects that will inch your business forward. It’s important to delegate both these repeatable tasks and longer term projects so that the people on your team always have something they can focus on. 

Delegation is challenging for a lot of leaders, but I encourage you to sit down and really invest the time to create this list and master plan. It might surprise you how much time and energy you can free up!

I hope this episode gives you some really solid and practical ways to make sure that you are getting maximum value out of your team and helps to shift your thinking away from worry and toward the bigger picture.


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