PODCAST #71: Is Micromanaging Your Team Always A Bad Thing?

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Micromanaging is almost like a dirty word, and we generally strive to steer clear of leading in this way. But is micromanaging always a bad thing? 


Many of my clients explain to me the challenges they encounter with getting someone on their team to perform the way they want them to. And there is so much fear around being perceived as a micromanager, that I see people quickly jumping in to say they’re not guilty of being one.


However, monitoring our employees’ work closely isn’t always a bad thing, and depending on the context, it may even be necessary. 


In today’s episode, I define micromanagement and aim to dispel some unhelpful myths about it only being a bad thing. So when is it good, and when is it not? 


I share my thoughts on this and encourage you to examine your own definition of micromanagement. I also challenge you to reflect on the way you’re interacting with your team. Are you boosting their productivity or hindering it?


It’s important to ask yourself whether you’re negatively affecting your team members’ work, and I share with you four behaviours or ways of acting as prompts for you to do this. Is your way the only way? Do you struggle to delegate? Do you have a low tolerance for mistakes? Are you changing up your team’s processes frequently because you lack a clear plan?


Finding balance in how you lead your team is so important. Providing guidance to your employees, as well as the space to do their work, will allow you the freedom to focus on the things that are important to you. 


I hope today’s episode will get you thinking about the ways you’re acting and reacting, and what might need to change so that you can have an effective and productive dream team.


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