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Episode #10 - My year in review 2021, how I reflect and what's ahead for 2022

In today’s episode I take you on an exploration into my reflections on my business and my personal life this year.

I talk about my personal experiences and goals that I’ve been very proud to achieve. I also take a critical look at my self care focus, what I did well and what I need to improve to thrive in 2022.

I’ve helped 11 clients this year hire 19 rockstars into their businesses (with 2 more currently in the works). I’ve made investments with coaches that have proven very valuable to keep me accountable to my goals. I’ll share my coaches with you and how they supported me to achieve great results.

Join me in this episode where I take you behind the scenes for 2021.

Episode #9 - Hiring reflections: My last 12 months with a key hire

Finding a rockstar to work with you in your business all starts with hiring the right person. I know this can often feel impossible and many entrepreneurs are lost for where to begin. To help you set your intentions, I’m sharing where it all started for me with a clear purpose, a strategic method and defined expectations.

This episode is a personal reflection and a behind the scenes view into the last 12 months of a key hire for my virtual assistant. I wanted to explore what was different about this hire, how she settled into my business, how her role has changed and evolved, how I’ve felt throughout the process, and how it feels 12 months later.

If you want to hire someone to become an integral part of your team, I’m excited to share with you the strategic method I used to find the right fit, how I handled any bumps along the way and how you can back your hiring decision.

I’ll then challenge you to reflect on your next key hire with questions to probe into your purpose, goals, expectations and the support you need to reach your dream in 2022.

If you need to find the right people because you’re changing your strategy, have a new growth level goal, just reached six figures as an entrepreneur and are growing fast - this episode is perfect for you.

Episode #8 - Powerful ways to close out the year with your team

At the end of the year, we all sit back and reflect on the year that has been. It’s the perfect time to set goals and intentions for the new year and your team is no exception. As a leader, you can guide your team into this reflection period with confidence and excitement in you and your business.

In today’s episode, I discuss how important it is to make your team members feel great about themselves and their work as they close out the year with you. I share the 5 key things you need to impart to your team before the holiday period so they are looking forward to returning in the new year.

From my experience, there is a very clear movement period in January to February that is linked to New Year's resolutions and setting new goals and intentions. You can use this opportunity to send your team into this reflection phase feeling committed, dedicated and positive about their work with you and your business.

By following these steps, you can set your team and yourself up for a successful 2022 and prevent any demotivation. You have the power to help your team feel acknowledged, appreciated, excited and rejuvenated to hit the ground running next year.

Episode #7 - How to avoid relying heavily on anyone too much

It can be very dangerous to rely too heavily on any one person when you’re scaling your business by growing your team and shifting the workload to other people.

I know you’re thinking that you have the most incredible, amazing person handling these tasks for you and nothing will ever change.

BUT, regardless of how amazing you or your business are, people will move on - life happens. I’ve seen through my clients how this often results in business owners taking the roles back onto themselves and feeling right back where they started.

When creating your business, you need to be equally focused on designing a structure that allows for anyone to go on holidays, become sick, or transition in or out.

In this episode, I’ll talk about the simple processes and systems you can build into your business to ensure that anyone in your team can pick up a task from anyone else. This is your ‘when’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ things need to be done.

Episode #6 - What to do if you don’t have enough TIME to focus on your Team

This topic is one of the biggest business problems I see... all of the time.

What do you do if you don’t have enough time to focus on your team?

This includes setting up systems, having conversations with employees about their mistakes or performance, and improving communication processes inside your business.

Now, I completely get it.

You’re a successful, amazing, business owner who’s flat out handling absolutely everything. How can you possibly find time for your team?

The secret behind the curtain for the multi 7 or 8 figure business owner is - making, creating, and investing in your team. You’re probably thinking that paying someone to help may not be worth it, but this enables you to focus on leading and gives you space within your business to create.

Episode #5 - What to do when someone MAJOR leaves your business - with Lisa Corduff

In this episode, I’m chatting with one of Australia’s leading transformational coaches, Lisa Corduff. Lisa is a force of nature when it comes to mindset and shifting limiting beliefs to guide women back into their personal power.

Lisa is hot off the heels launching her ‘Ready for Change’ program. This is a five-week program that helps women break through the stories that are holding them back in their lives.

Lisa is sharing her journey launching this program after her amazing, vital and highly efficient OBM left the company. She had to hire and cultivate a whole new team to handle the workload and ensure a successful launch.

We discuss the dynamics of the new team and the difference between this launch compared to previous ones.

Episode #4 - When Being a High Performer Makes You Difficult To Work For

In today's episode, Paula talks about a juicy topic... How to make sure being a 'high performer' doesn't make you a difficult leader.

This is a common challenge for many entrepreneurs. In this episode, Paula will help unravel your leadership style so you can recognise whether you may be falling into that 'difficult leader' category, and give you tips on what to do about it.

Episode #3 - How to Stop Wasting Your Time Fixing Your Teams Mistakes

In this episode Paula talks about this oh-so-common challenge – finding yourself fixing your team's mistakes.

It's easy to start to feel resentful when YOU are the one who is always noticing and fixing errors! In fact, sometimes you can feel like you're doing their role for them and start to wonder what's the point at all.

Paula shares a simple change you need to make to STOP being the one finding, fixing and solving mistakes, and how to START empowering your team to step up and own and fix their own mistakes instead.

Episode #2 - How to ONLY work 10 hours per week and grow a 7 figure biz - with Jazze Jervis

I’m chatting with the amazing Jazze Jervis today, a lawyer turned 7 figure Business Coach and Network Marketing Mentor for women in business. Jazze grew her business from $400k to $1 million in just 12 months and now she’s on a mission to show other women how to create unwavering belief and unstoppable results through her business coaching program.

In addition to running three businesses, Jazze has the time to train for a half ironman and live a beautiful life with a big focus on family, health and balance. Just how does she do it?

Episode #1 - 11 Leadership Lessons from 11 Years in Business

In this episode Paula shares with you 11 nuggets of wisdom from her entrepeneurial journey, including starting 3 businesses and selling one with a full team intact!

Introducing the Big Dreams Great Teams Podcast with Paula Maidens

In this short episode Paula introduces her podcast, why it's been in her heart for a while and what you can expect to hear and learn. Paula talks what you can expect to learn by tuning in every week and exactly who this podcast is for (hint - amazing entrepreneurs just like you!)

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