PODCAST #77: Time Audit Results - My Surprising Results: What I Discovered & What I'm Changing

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

I recently spoke on the importance of doing a time audit in your business when it comes to managing your and your team’s time. Today, I go behind the scenes and share the surprising results I received from my own time audit. I dive into what I discovered, how my perspective has shifted and what I’m now committed to changing. 

I personally thought I had my time management sorted. I’m super organised, I’ve done all the time management courses… but the process of time auditing and the data that followed completely opened my eyes to what was really going on for me in my business.

It’s the little things that add up - saying yes to more work, taking extra time at coffee with a friend, giving away advice here and there. As somebody who thinks of themselves as really time-aware, it was hard to fathom how many extra hours added up just by saying ‘yes’ a few too many times. 

We allocate so much of our time to things we aren’t even aware of, and this can go unnoticed if we don’t take stock of our daily habits. I take you through the practical steps of how I dissected my time-spending, including simple note-taking, analysing my screen time and re-thinking my scheduling. 

It’s true that many of us find joy in attempting to do it all ourselves, not only in our businesses but our personal lives as well. We get a kick out of feeling organised, but it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself some serious questions. Why am I choosing to spend time here? Does it have to be me? Is there another way? 

There’s value in delegating and assigning tasks to those who are already committed to supporting you. It’s possible to still get that same hit of satisfaction without investing your time into something that isn’t right for you to do. 

If you want your life and your diary to feel more spacious, I encourage you to take the steps towards getting in control of your time. It’s time to get stuck in and look at the real numbers, using the information you discover to make great choices that will see your business grow.


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