Episode #84 The 3 Steps to Giving ROBUST Feedback (and not feel like a bitch!)

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients and business friends is HOW to phrase giving somebody feedback. In today’s episode of Big Dreams Great Teams, I dive deep into this topic and discuss how giving feedback is an art, a skill and a science that can be learnt, as for many entrepreneurs it often does not come naturally.


I know for many leaders, the fear of giving feedback is the reason why many avoid doing it. Perhaps you yourself have had a negative experience receiving feedback, or perhaps you have given feedback to a team member and they have been taken by surprise and as a result, haven’t taken it so well. In today’s episode, I share my three steps to giving useful and robust feedback so that you can get the results you are after with your team.


In order to have a high performing team, you need to learn how to give feedback in a way that supports, improves and develops the individual. I hope that this episode encourages you to take a look at how you are currently giving feedback to your team and gives you the guidance you need to explore the areas and ways in which you can improve. 


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with Paula Maidens