Episode #81 How understanding your Human Design can help streamline your business with Amy Lea

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One of the big things that I work on with my clients is how they can design a business and team that truly suits them as an individual. So today I've invited Amy Lea onto the podcast to talk about working in coherence instead of hustle, and how understanding your human design can help streamline your life and your business. 


Amy is an astrologer, Human Design consultant and somatic business coach who helps her clients uncover their true selves, lead with their strengths and create their most aligned and enriching lives. She also teaches Human Design and astrology to coaches, healers, practitioners and leaders who are looking to bring this transformational work to their own clients. 


After suffering a health crisis and being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 2012, Amy’s life changed completely. Turning to books on energetics to help her understand the emotions that were triggering her illness, she was driven to study astrology and eventually stumbled upon Human Design. Amy describes it as the missing piece in truly understanding and discovering her own authenticity. 


In a world that tells us to push, strive and force, Amy believes there's a better way. In our conversation, we talk about walking a path of uniqueness and truth, which can lead to coherence in how we operate in our businesses as our true selves. Amy explains the difference between astrology and Human Design, and describes how they can be used in conjunction with each other to create a deep awareness of who we are at the core. 


Amy gives us insight on the science of Human Design, and how the cosmic imprinting we receive at the moment of birth gives us certain planetary qualities that shape who we are. She encourages us that understanding our Human Design profiles will give us guidance on what we can accept about ourselves, and what to let go of. 


We discuss how Human Design can be used to understand how we best perform as leaders, and what we require from our team members so that we’re supported in the best way possible. 


This conversation with Amy was truly fascinating, and I hope this episode inspires you to believe in yourself as you lead your team, knowing you can trust your intuition as you move your business forward. 



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