Episode #85 Having it all - Business, Health & Family with Jaiana Francis

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode of Big Dreams Great Teams, I am joined by CPA turned holistic health coach, Jaiana Francis. Jaiana is the Founder & CEO of Boss Babe Fitness Academy and today she talks with me about the challenges of being an entrepreneur growing and scaling a business and not letting our health and fitness journey fall by the wayside.


We discuss the importance of nutrition, exercise, emotional and stress management, sleep, and true self care in order to be the best version of ourselves both in business and in life. Jaiana discusses how we can take radical responsibility for our health and fitness journey, just like we try to do in business. We deep dive into how a holistic health journey should be one that is balanced, fun and sustainable, and the ways in which we can implement habits for the long-term. We talk about the challenges of running your own business and how easy it can be to forget to take a well-rounded approach with our work-life balance. 


Dive into this episode to learn Jaiana’s five principles to being a healthy and successful entrepreneur and how to apply a strategic mindset that we often use in business for our health and fitness journey. I hope that this episode encourages you to take a look at your current health and fitness journey and find new ways in which you can prioritise your health and achieve a sustainable work-life balance that suits you and your business.


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Take the quiz to learn more about your body type: www.bossbabefitnessacademy.com/quiz/

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TikTok: @jaianafrancis


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