Episode #82 Are you fixing the RIGHT problem?

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Something I notice that is really common with my clients is that when something goes wrong in their business, they try to immediately fix the symptom themselves, rather than taking the time to understand the cause or reason for the problem.  When running your own business, it can be really normal that when you see a mistake or something that you don’t like, you jump right in and fix it, rather than pausing and asking why or how it happened. 


In today's episode, I explore the difference between the symptom and a cause and how to correctly identify both so that you can begin to understand what is happening in your business and with your team so you are focusing on the right thing. 


We talk about how to really get to the heart of what is causing the issues you may be currently facing in your business by asking yourself and your team the right questions.


In this episode I talk about how often I see the common mistake continually fixing the symptoms rather than the cause, and by only fixing the symptoms - it’s like putting a short term bandaid on the situation.  Instead, you need to pause to understand the root cause of the problem and work out an effective way to address it and in this episode I explain to you how to know the difference and how to fix the right thing.


In this episode I share two specific client examples so that you can really get a sense of where this could be happening in your own business. I also share a few practical tips for you to implement on how to successfully approach a problem with your team. 


Dive into this episode to learn how you might be fixing certain problems or situations in your business without looking at or getting to the root cause of it. You’ll learn how to start asking yourself and your team the right questions about why things are happening the way they are and how to implement the necessary changes so that you can have the rockstar team that you truly deserve.


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