Episode #83 Surprising Leadership Lessons after 5yrs in Business - a BTS with Entrepreneur Amy Sanders-Robbins

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode of Big Dreams Great Teams, I go behind the scenes with one of my incredible clients, Amy Sanders-Robbins, who owns Bespoke Family Lawyers, a family law practice based in Brisbane, QLD. Amy has been a family lawyer for 15 years and started running and managing her own practice five years ago. Today, Amy shares her story with us and tells me how she's evolved and transformed as an individual, and most importantly as a leader and business owner. 


Amy and I started working together around 10 months ago to help her establish a better work-life balance, something that I know many entrepreneurs struggle with when running their own business. In this episode, Amy and I dive deep into the challenges, the lessons and all that she has faced running a business and leading a team over the past five years. We talk about Amy’s leadership style, how she is an empath and what this means for her as a leader. We go through some real life examples of the challenges that she has overcome through working with me to get to the place she is today, of leading her team in a graceful and empowered way. 


We dive deep into the ins and outs of her team - who makes up her team, what her team set up is like and how a combination of remote and in-office time works best for her and her team. We speak about the importance of hiring right and how the hiring process can allow you as an entrepreneur to take your business to the next level. The inner work as a leader never stops and we discuss how being open to the journey and embracing it and taking moments to reflect help us redirect our passion, energy and expertise to where it really counts. 


So, if you’re feeling busy and completely under the pump, I hope this episode both inspires and challenges you to take the time to dig a little deeper and uncover some practical ways that you can implement and help you feel more in control of how to hire and lead your team, so that you can live the life of your dreams. 


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Website: www.bespokefamilylawyers.com.au

Instagram: @bespokefamilylawyers


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