Episode #86 How hiring an Ops Manager created instant 20% revenue growth - a BTS of a Bookkeeping business with Sally Brindle

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Today I go behind the scenes with one of my wonderful clients, Sally Brindle, who owns Total Accounts, a business that provides full-service bookkeeping to small and medium businesses. Sally started Total Accounts 10 years ago and is extremely passionate about helping small businesses thrive. In this episode of Big Dreams Great Teams, Sally and I explore the journey of leading her high multiple six-figure business, and some of the big shifts she has made over the last nine months since working together in both her business and her life. 


Sally shares with me why she decided to have a 100% fully remote team from the beginning and why that works best for her, her business, her team and her clients. We explore the ways in which Sally was leading her team when we first started working together, and talk about some of the strategies we put into place to help her overcome the feeling of always being really busy. This is a feeling I know a lot of entrepreneurs have and struggle with, and we speak about how we worked out what Sally actually wanted to be doing in her business, and what tasks and responsibilities could be given to someone else on her team. We share how we mapped out a hiring strategy that suited Sally and her business allowing her to go on and confidently grow her team to 10 people and which furthered her businesses revenue growth. 


We take a look at the framework Sally now has in place to lead her team and how she is living her dream week and what that looks like for her. I hope that this episode inspires you to take a look at your current team and I encourage you to identify some tasks and responsibilities that you could pass along to someone on your team, or to a new hire. You deserve to have a team who performs to your highest expectations, brings you a great return and tangibly supports you to build the life and business of your dreams. 


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