Episode #90 Are you the bottleneck in your business? (And what to do about it!)

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:


Today’s episode is about staying in control of your business while not staying involved. Have you ever considered if you are a bottleneck in your business? I talk about what this concept means and share some real-life examples to help you understand where this might be happening in your business and some steps on how you can effectively work with your team.


I share how to recognise if you are being a bottleneck in your business and explore how easy it can be to become one when you are trying to do everything yourself. I break down four important steps on how you can stay in control while not staying involved, and how you can feel safe and calm whilst handing over a task or function in your business. 


I explore some of the reasons you may find it challenging to stay in control of your business while not staying involved. I hope that this episode encourages you to work through the four steps I share so that you can get clear on what is important to you in your business, what controls you could put in place, and what success ultimately looks like for you.


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