EPISODE #4: When being a high performer makes you difficult to work for

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

When you’re a high performer, it can feel as though nothing is ever good enough. We have such high expectations and standards for ourselves and of others. Unfortunately, a flow on effect from this characteristic is often it makes us difficult to work for.

I know, it’s not a very popular topic to talk about but I feel it is such an important aspect of building and keeping a great team.

Don’t get me wrong, your drive to always improve and better yourself is a great one! It has fueled you to become the amazing entrepreneur you are today.

However, we often just don’t spend enough time acknowledging ourselves or the people around us. We can be so focused on our next step that we keep changing the goalposts and never let our employees feel they have accomplished anything.

It’s one thing to have the mindset of constantly wanting to improve but it’s another to be forever changing as a leader. Constantly changing the requirements on your team will make your team feel like no matter what they do, they will never meet your standard or expectations.

Everyone on your team needs to feel a sense of satisfaction and that they’re proud of themselves for what they’ve accomplished.

Once you’ve acknowledged their contributions and effort, you can move into the improvement phase.

We keep amazing people when the feeling is mutual. When we have built a relationship that is both energized and motivated.

To help you in your reflection, I’ll ask you questions to help you think about the way you’re currently leading your team.

Remember, great people choose to work with people who they believe will be great leaders. But they choose to stay with people that are great leaders.


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