PODCAST #9: Hiring reflections: My last 12 months with a key hire

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Finding a rockstar to work with you in your business all starts with hiring the right person. I know
this can often feel impossible and many entrepreneurs are lost for where to begin. To help you
set your intentions, I’m sharing where it all started for me with a clear purpose, a strategic
method and defined expectations.

This episode is a personal reflection and a behind the scenes view into the last 12 months of a
key hire for my virtual assistant. I wanted to explore what was different about this hire, how she
settled into my business, how her role has changed and evolved, how I’ve felt throughout the
process, and how it feels 12 months later.

If you want to hire someone to become an integral part of your team, I’m excited to share with
you the strategic method I used to find the right fit, how I handled any bumps along the way and
how you can back your hiring decision.

I’ll then challenge you to reflect on your next key hire with questions to probe into your purpose,
goals, expectations and the support you need to reach your dream in 2022.

If you need to find the right people because you’re changing your strategy, have a new growth
level goal, just reached six figures as an entrepreneur and are growing fast - this episode is
perfect for you.


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