EPISODE #3: How to Stop Wasting Your Time Fixing Your Teams Mistakes

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

How can you stop finding and fixing your team’s mistakes?

We all know how incredibly busy we are as entrepreneurs. When faced with this problem, many of us will make the decision to hire staff to help with our immense workload. Only to find out we’re now spending the time we hoped to save fixing their mistakes! Leading to the question, was there any point?

I understand. Every single entrepreneur understands. In this episode, I’ll run you through three crucial steps to stop being the person in your business to find and fix all of the mistakes. By incorporating these steps, you’ll stop your staff from involving you in every solution and free up valuable time to do the important things - like run your business.

I’ll share with you the FOS system. This is an incredibly effective method where the people in your team find the mistakes, own the mistakes and then solve them. To help illustrate how this process works, I’ll run you through an example of how you can implement it in your business today.

You will get back your priceless time, so take a holiday!


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