PODCAST #10: My year in review 2021, how I reflect and what's ahead for 2022

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Today’s episode is the last one for 2021! I take you on an exploration into my reflections on my business and my personal life. I explore the elements that are working well, where there’s room for improvement, and what I have planned for 2022.

I’ve helped 11 clients this year hire 19 rockstars into their businesses (with 2 more currently in the works). I’ve made investments with coaches that have proved very valuable to keep me accountable to my goals. I’ll share my coaches with you and how they supported me to achieve great results.

I’ve had many amazing moments this year. I won the bronze B2B Aus Mumpreneur Award, I’ve launched my podcast show and many more I’ll share with you.

I talk about my personal experiences and goals that I’ve been very proud to achieve. I also take a critical look at my self care focus, what I did well and what I need to improve to thrive in 2022.

Join me in this episode where I take you behind the scenes into my business and my personal goals. Thank you so much for listening this year, I hope you have a wonderful break and I’ll be returning early next year!


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