EPISODE #2: How to ONLY work 10 hours per week and grow a 7 figure biz - with Jazze Jervis

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

I’m chatting with the amazing Jazze Jervis today, a lawyer turned 7 figure Business Coach and Network Marketing Mentor for women in business. Jazze grew her business from $400k to $1 million in just 12 months and now she’s on a mission to show other women how to create unwavering belief and unstoppable results through her business coaching program.

In addition to running three businesses, Jazze has the time to train for a half ironman and live a beautiful life with a big focus on family, health and balance. Just how does she do it?

In this episode, I ask Jazze about her team and we go behind the scenes of her business and the support system around her that helps her be the best version of herself.

Jazze shares why she believes having the right team is the key piece to scaling your business and we talk about the importance of being transparent and focusing on great communication.

Jazze also shares some lessons she’s learned along the way and loads more. You’re going to love it.


Where to find Jazze

Website: https://www.jazzejervis.com.au

Instagram: @jazzejervis_

Podcast: The All That Jazze Podcast

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