PODCAST #7: How to avoid relying too heavily on anyone too much

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

It can be very dangerous to rely too heavily on any one person when you’re scaling your business by growing your team and shifting the workload to other people.

I know you’re thinking that you have the most incredible, amazing person handling these tasks for you and nothing will ever change.

BUT, regardless of how amazing you or your business are, people will move on - life happens. I’ve seen through my clients how this often results in business owners taking the roles back onto themselves and feeling right back where they started.

When creating your business, you need to be equally focused on designing a structure that allows for anyone to go on holidays, become sick, or transition in or out.

In this episode, I’ll talk about the simple processes and systems you can build into your business to ensure that anyone in your team can pick up a task from anyone else. This is your ‘when’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ things need to be done.

I’ll explore that by having a clear overview of what each person in your business is responsible for, you’ll ensure that if anyone is away, your other team members know exactly what has to be done.

As you’re scaling to seven figures and beyond, systems and processes will be the framework that gives you freedom. They will allow you to take a holiday, give you space in your day, not be constantly answering questions, and be ready for people to come and go.

You have to think about how to build a business where the people work within the systems, and these systems hold the business up. Instead of a business where the people are the systems that hold the business up.



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