Dealing with DOUBT as a leader

leadership skills

A conversation I find myself having with lots of clients is around doubt. Doubting the feelings that we’re having as a leader, doubting whether it’s okay to want the things we want, and that we want things done in a certain way and doubting whether it’s okay to have that feeling. Additionally, is it okay…

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Is it time to challenge your beliefs?

Challenging your beliefs is damn well uncomfortable. But when you are expanding your BUSINESS, you are expanding your SELF And when you are expanding your SELF you need to look inwards to find the resistance And face it head on We ALL have established beliefs about what we think ‘needs’ to happen in our business…

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Are you making your leadership too personal?

Team Leadership

As entrepreneurs, we are often trying to juggle all the things to ensure our business is running in top gear – and this includes making sure our team is happy. Sometimes we focus so much on ensuring our team is highly engaged that it can actually be to our – and their – detriment. Not sure…

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10 Leadership Lessons from a Yoga Class

Yoga – Leadership – Business What’s the connection? Is there a connection? The journey of business is a journey of learning how to be a great leader, and we can draw on so many lessons from yoga. People used to think that Yoga was for hippies, or only for very-flexible 20-something young women. As a…

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Taking the time to Plan

It’s been a while since I haven’t had so many urgent things to do that my to-do list that I have had to just ‘do’, and do it ‘as fast as I can’, rather than think about what to do and how to do it. So this week feels a bit different, and it’s Tuesday…

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The Secret to Motivating Employees?

I read an interesting Harvard Business Review Article this morning by Frederick Herzberg titled ‘How do you Motivate Employees’ . As a business owner and a coach to many clients with large numbers of employees, fighting to reduce employee turnover, it’s certainly a relevant topic and ongoing challenge for most people I speak to on…

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