Is it time to challenge your beliefs?

July 30, 2021

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Challenging your beliefs is damn well uncomfortable.

But when you are expanding your BUSINESS, you are expanding your SELF

And when you are expanding your SELF you need to look inwards to find the resistance

And face it head on

We ALL have established beliefs about what we think ‘needs’ to happen in our business

And many of those beliefs are so fixed

Because our history becomes our norm unless we challenge it to grow and improve

It’s up to you >> as the CEO to look around at your norm

And question where it can evolve and expand

➡️ Because your business can’t expand itself

➡️ YOU need to expand >> for your business to expand

For me, an old belief showed up recently >> “I can’t take a proper holiday with my family because I didn’t plan it well enough in advance”

4 days into the “working holiday” I decided to challenge that belief.

FROM✨ I need to be more organised to take a holiday 

TO✨ I’ve got amazing clients and an amazing team and everything doesn’t need to be perfectly organised for it to be OK ✨✨

Guess what?

It was ❤️

I see so many established beliefs and routines holding so my clients back from having their business run in a way that feels great.

It’s typically past experiences that have turned into norms that are stopping the business (including the team) to expand to the next level.

➡️ So, where is this happening for you??

❓ Do you think you have to prep on a Sunday to make sure your team know what to do by Monday AM?

❓Is it that you reschedule your team meetings {if you can’t make it} because you believe they can’t happen without you?

❓Have you decided someone isn’t ‘wired’ a certain way so you’ve stop asking/encouraging them to be what you need?

❓Do you believe there is “no way” you can explain {insert job} to someone {new/else} because it’s “too complicated”? 

❓ Have you delayed hiring someone amazing for your team because you believe it’s not possible?

>> Every single one of my clients feels all these things at some stage. It’s totally normal. But here’s the thing.

✨It doesn’t need to stay that way✨

Dig around.

Challenge the belief.

➡️ I promise you’ll look back feeling proud of your new norm

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