It’s time to take time OUT of your business

May 31, 2023

It's time to take time OUT of your business

It’s time to take time OUT of your business

Recently, three of my clients have been working towards taking uncontactable time out of their business and we’ve been working together on strategies and actions to make sure this is a success.

(And by success… I mean YOU relaxing and the BUSINESS thriving)

And as a CEO of a multi 6 or 7-figure business then at some stage in the near future YOU will face a similar point where you want (or need!) to take some **real** time out of your business, whether it’s for health or holiday or something else.

Here’s what you need to do to make stepping away, being truly uncontactable a roaring success for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

💥 Start talking about it early (aka now!)

Give everyone involved time to think about what they’d like to know, learn, and be able to do with heaps of time for discussion and planning.

💥 Review your normal ‘responsibilities’ over the time period you are likely to be away and bucket them into 

a) what *must* be done 

b) what *could* be done by someone else and 

c) what *can’t* be done by anyone else

💥 Start training. 

Record processes and begin training for what you are handing over – the bonus about this is you may decide to never take it back!
For the items in the ‘can’t be done by anyone else’ bucket, formulate a plan to communicate a delay or consider bringing things forward.

💥 Do not let your brain easily accept ‘I’ll just have to do this while I’m away’.
Keep looking for an alternative solution (there usually is one but it may require some digging and re-wiring of your normal thought patterns to find it).

💥Plan who the team can ‘go to’ while you are away.

This can look like formally appointing someone to step up while you are away or even just nominating certain people to be ‘go to’ people to be a sounding board when judgements need to be made.

💥Feel the fear and do it anyway! 

It’s 100% better to facing this for the first time in a planned way (rather than facing it via an emergency >> hello that time I had emergency surgery after a surfing accident and found myself dialing into meetings from my hospital bed..)

Remember a normal evolution of scaling your business is testing it’s ability to run without you.. So this is normal AND it needs to happen.

View it as an opportunity for everyone in the business to grow and elevate and you’ll all be better off for it, and you’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated when you return.

Want a hand to empower your team so you can step away and know your business is going to be 100% ok?

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