How to know if you are being Unreasonable?

December 4, 2023

How to know if you are being unreasonable

When you are working long hours and are short on time and resources, it’s easy to demand A LOT from your people.

Your partner, your friends… your team.
So, how do you know where the line falls between being reasonable or unreasonable with your “asks”?

Hmm..🤔 when you are busy and stressed, this can be hard to know.

As a high achiever, you’ll naturally hold pretty high expectations for yourself and in turn, you’ll hold high expectations for everyone around you.

(Which is a good thing!)

But often all that hope and excitement can come crashing down when those high expectations aren’t met.  

Those initial hopeful feelings get replaced with heavy disappointment and confusion.

This is when you’ll start to ask 👉 “Is what I’m asking for reasonable or unreasonable???”

So how the heck do you know? 

Here’s what won’t help you to answer that question:

❌ Looking around at what other people are doing or what other people can ‘expect’ from someone in a similar role.

Because what applies to their business, doesn’t automatically apply to yours.

That’s the confusing reality with this ‘team’ stuff.  

👉 Unique people, unique businesses, unique asks, unique solutions.

You can however ask yourself these key questions to reflect on your own unique situation to start to uncover if you are being reasonable or unreasonable:

1️⃣ CLARITY: Did the person have all the info they needed? Have I been explicit with my ask?

2️⃣ WORKLOAD: Do they have the capacity to complete what I’m asking?

3️⃣ SKILLS: Do they have the skills or knowledge necessary to do the thing?

4️⃣ DESIRE: Does this fall within their wheelhouse? Within their role and what they like and want to do?

✨Here’s the thing…

You’ll be able to answer some of this… but you often won’t be answer it all on your own

It’s likely you’ll need to reflect and then step into a conversation with them – to truly get the information you need to understand what’s going wrong. 

The good news is that these conversations DON’T have to be awkward, confrontational and or unnecessarily difficult.

(They CAN actually be inspiring, clarifying and result in a much stronger relationship)

But to achieve this, they need preparation and the right language… a technique you’ll usually need to learn. 

So, if you have a situation where you are asking yourself “am I being reasonable” then I invite you to reach out to me.  I’d love to help you to map a powerful, effective AND graceful conversation that leaves you feeling confident, proud and clear with your path forward to your high expectations getting met.

💥 We can cover this in a 2 Hour Strategy & Action Call 💥

Teaching entrepreneurs how to have tricky conversations is my superpower 💪🏼❤️ and as my clients attest, once you’ve learnt this leadership skill, it stays with you forever.

Let me leave you with this 👉👉Saying nothing is actually saying something.

So it’s time to say what you need to.

Check the link HERE to grab a time or book a FREE Dream Team Discovery Call to chat about what’s right for you.


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