Episode #105 - 5 Questions to Ask Each Of Your Team Before The End Of The Year

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

With the holiday season looming, you're probably juggling year-end tasks and eagerly awaiting that well-deserved Christmas break. But before you shift into relaxation mode, I have a fantastic opportunity for you to consider to maximise your team's potential for a strong 2024. 

It's not about taking massive or exhausting steps; it's about taking small, impactful actions that can elevate your current team and set the stage for an even better year ahead.

And that is… to hold an end-of-year catch-up with your team.

This is one of the simplest yet highly effective things you can do to maximise each individual's potential to kick off 2024 in the best way possible.

In this episode, I share how to have this conversation and provide you with a series of strategic and powerful questions designed to stimulate thoughtful responses and provide insights that will help both you and your team plan for a successful 2024.

Dive in to learn: 

  • Learn how you can take simple, impactful actions to boost your team's potential.
  • Find out the 5 questions you need to ask to positively boost your business in your team’s mind AND give you valuable insights and information to plan for a more powerful team in 2024. 
  • How these conversations can enhance your team's loyalty, motivation, and growth
  • The importance of showing gratitude to your team

You’ll learn how to combine the two actions of – asking the questions and expressing gratitude – to create a lasting positive impression on your team as they head into their holiday break and begin their new year with reflection and goal setting.

Tune in, enjoy and set yourself up for a productive and successful 2024 for you and your team!


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