Episode #109 - Hire Smarter Summer Series Pt 3 - Profitable Onboarding

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

Welcome to the final episode of the Hire Smarter Mini-Series with Paula Maidens. The host, Paula has shared invaluable insights in this three-part series to help you make confident and informed hiring decisions. 


In part one, Paula covered the common mistakes to avoid when hiring and in part two, Paula emphasised the significance of getting clear on the qualities and behaviors you desire in a candidate.


In this episode called "Profitable Onboarding," Paula explores the often overlooked aspect of onboarding as a strategic investment rather than just an expense. She delves into the importance of viewing new hires as contributors to scaling your service-based business profitably.


Highlights of this episode:

  • The shift from viewing hiring as an expense to understanding it as a strategic investment in scaling your business.
  • Strategies to ensure a quick return on your hiring investment by setting clear expectations from day one.
  • Exploring key elements—training, information, expectations, and corrective conversations—for a profitable onboarding process.
  • The significance of setting specific expectations to guide new hires effectively during their initial month and how this impacts how fast they get up to speed.
  • Embracing transparent discussions to guide new hires back on track, ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Paula also shares a glimpse of the 2024 Hiring Mastery Bootcamp, which offers a comprehensive guide for successful hiring and your opportunity to get access to exclusive waitlist perks.




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