Episode #108 - Hire Smarter Summer Series Pt 2 - How to Decide YOUR Top 5 Qualities To ONLY Hire Rockstars

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In Part 2 of the Hire Smarter Mini-Series, the host Paula Maidens, focuses on achieving clarity before embarking on the hiring process and the significance of understanding five key aspects before getting started on your hiring process.

Paula highlights the tendency to overlook these crucial clarity aspects during what’s  often a busy and stressful hiring process, however mapping out these details increases the likelihood of hiring the right candidate while reducing the chances of making a hiring mistake.


Paula’s focus in this episode revolves around the critical yet often overlooked aspect of hiring—hiring for the specific characteristics or behaviours that a candidate brings to your workplace. These elements are often overshadowed by an emphasis on skills and experience which can lead to hiring someone who doesn’t feel like they are a fit for your team.


Highlights of this episode:

  • 5 critical aspects that need clarity for successful hiring.
  • How clarity maximises your chances of hiring the right candidate while minimising the risk of hiring the wrong one.
  • Common misconceptions and pitfalls that are typically associated with the hiring process.
  • Why getting  a comprehensive understanding of an individual's work style beyond their resume is essential to their success
  • Aligning the working methods of the new team member with the preferences and comfort of the CEO or leader in a business as well as the team as a whole.
  • The significance of communication methods and how different individuals prefer various modes of communication.


This episode focuses on the importance of you as the CEO,understanding your own needs, preferences, and work style, and how to translate these into specific hiring criteria and expectations for potential hires to ensure a better fit within your business.  Paula also touches upon the diversity of preferences regarding communication methods and tools, highlighting that what works for one person or business might not suit another. 

Part 3 of the Hire Smarter Mini Series will be released next week with a topic of Profitable Onboarding




Download the Top 15 Hiring Qualities for  Service-Based Businesses Guide here that was discussed in this podcast episode


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