Episode #103 - 7 TRUTHS I typically only share with my Private Clients

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode of the Big Dreams Great Teams™, Paula shares the 7 REAL Truths that consistently emerge when she’s coaching her private clients towards growth, team efficiencies and effective leadership. These truths comprised from her 17 years of industry experience and they are jam-packed full of practical ideas and solutions for you on your leadership journey

Dive in to hear how:

  1. Good People Aren't Hard to Find:  Discover what normally goes wrong in attracting applicants and the art of crafting job advertisements that resonate with top talent and the importance of effective communication to the ‘right’ potential team members.
  2. More Expensive Isn't Always Better: Explore why higher prices don't always equate to better value and how to make hiring decisions based on what truly matters.
  3. To Publish or Not to Publish Salaries: Delve into the debate of disclosing salary ranges in job postings and the benefits of maintaining flexibility.
  4. Making Effort Isn't Making It Too Hard: Understand the critical concept of upfront application questions and how they set expectations for the candidates and why it's crucial to attract individuals willing to make an effort.
  5. Miscommunication, Not Malice: Most performance issues are rooted in miscommunication or misunderstanding. Navigating this difference effectively means careful stepping.
  6. Embracing Mistakes: Mistakes are your business's way of telling you something needs to be fixed and they are opportunities for growth. We discuss how to identify the root causes of errors and leverage them to enhance your business.
  7. Dealing with Letdowns: We discuss the emotional rollercoaster of a team member leaving your company and how it can be a blessing in disguise and with lessons to learn from these experiences.

Plus we cover the Power of a Confidant in the context of what conversations are and aren’t appropriate to have with your team members and how an objective and experienced advisor can be a powerful scaffolding piece to support you to show up as as an effective leader.

Tune in and enjoy this thought-provoking episode!


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