Episode #106 - My 3 Top Client Lessons From 2023

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

As Paula shifts into reflection mode for 2023, she shares in this episode three common lessons that emerged across her clients throughout the year. You’ll be able to listen and reflect on your own leadership and take nuggets of wisdom for yourself into 2024.

You’ll hear about:

  • The Need for Clarity

Paula shares instances where clients faced challenges due to lack of clarity.  She discusses the importance of clear, detailed instructions to ensure desired outcomes and shares situations where being specific and considering potential obstacles in the process helped her clients

  • The Importance of Holding High Expectations 

Paula shares the significance of articulating and reinforcing high expectations and how consistent communication about expectations leads to improved outcomes and how this applies to both hiring and maintaining high performance standards.

  • Slowing Down

This lesson is all about taking time to react and respond, avoiding impulsive reaction to , allow space for thoughtful consideration.

Tune in to hear these lessons, case studies from clients and encouragement to reflect on how you’ve handled various situations in 2023 and how you can improve your leadership style in 2024.

Paula mentions a mentoring program, "Elevate," designed for entrepreneurs aiming to enhance leadership skills and team performance.




Email us at paula (@) paulamaidens.com for more information about the Elevate Group Mentoring Program that "gently" kicks off in late November 2023 with a second intake happening in early 2024.


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