Episode #104 - 4 Day Work Week, Growth Lessons from Team of 3 to 12 and $2Mil + Revenue with Bonny Marsh, COO of Truii

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode of the Big Dreams Great Teams™, I am joined by Bonny Marsh, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Truii, a Brisbane-based technology and consulting company that creates data-driven web applications. She is also a Speech Pathologist, Mother of four, and mentor to mothers.

Bonny runs her business with a family-first ethos and shares her lessons from growing from a team of 3 to 12, with revenue $ 2+ million. She shares the importance of clear communication, setting expectations, and how “you only realise how much you need it AFTER you need it”

In this candidate behind-the-scenes share, we discuss Bonny’s experience of running their hybrid team of 12 staff, the challenges and practicalities of their family-friendly ethos, and the various evolutions they’ve faced growing to a $2million plus revenue business - that is continuing to grow rapidly.



Dive in to hear about:

  1. The importance of specificity and ensuring you view your business as a vehicle that is separate to you.
  2. Scaling challenges and why what worked as a team of 3 wouldn't work at 10+ and why.
  3. How she had to trust in their unique vision for their business even when it meant challenging conventional norms.
  4. Shifting from an in-house model to a hybrid work-from-home model where they only work 4-day work weeks.
  5. Bonny’s “Lead with Love” motto and how she uses this to empower her team and lead by example with her clients.


Tune in and enjoy this thought-provoking episode about business growth, hiring, onboarding, team, performance and entrepreneurship


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