PODCAST #22: The 5 Stages of TEAM growth (from Entrepreneur sh%t show to CEO Team Flow)

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

When you’re in the fog of doing #allthethings in your business, I’m sure it’s crossed your mind that a little look and insight into the future would be useful. A kind of cheat sheet and motivator combined! #priceless Well consider your prayers answered!

In today’s episode I chat about the 5 stages of team growth and how you can focus with laser vision to escape the sh%t show (aka #nofreetime #doingallthethings) and enter CEO flow with ease and a side serve of grace. Team has been and always will be the key piece you need to nail to really cement a business that thrives - with or without you. Because those vacays ordering poolside drinks won’t happen without a rock solid team to support you.

So pop this episode on to find out -

  • The 5 stages of team every business goes through & how to identify where you’re currently at
  • Why it’s critical as the business owner that YOU take responsibility and consciously create your dream team
  • The importance of distinguishing between what you’re doing and what you actually should be doing and how this impacts your team
  • My tip to manage the resistance you will absolutely feel as you transition between each phase

  • So regardless of what stage of your business journey you find yourself today… this episode will allow you to take stock and assess where you’ve been, what’s next and what you should focus on - minus the overwhelm and regret. You’ll be calling “another drink please” to the poolboy in no time! : )


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