PODCAST #30: Dealing with DOUBT as a leader

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

There’s lots of twists and turns on the entrepreneurial journey, however one super relatable experience is having all the feels and frustrations and doubts as a leader. Your business is established and growing, yet you find yourself feeling like you did at the beginning, with all the doubts creeping back in.

So today I share why these doubts are totally normal and how moving from a place of frustration and furiosity to curiosity about these feelings, allows you the space to resolve them effectively and expand yourself as a leader.

In this short, powerful ep I share -

  • The importance of understanding your leadership style, what triggers you and why
  • Why giving yourself permission to feel it all is the critical piece
  • How to dive deep under the feelings and peel back the layers to get to the core issue

  • So if you’re ready to turn doubts into decisions and maintain your flow as an epic CEO, this episode’s for you!


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