PODCAST #27: Difficult Conversations (and how to make them feel easy!)

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

It’s agreed life has two certainties - death and taxes. I would like to add a third - difficult conversations. As business entrepreneurs and CEOs managing teams, having difficult conversations with your team is a question of if not now, when. How you handle these difficult conversations is critical to both your business and team thriving.

So let’s park the avoidance and download today’s episode as a priority. I chat all things how to manage difficult conversations with your employees - both when you need to have one and also, when you are on the receiving end of difficult feedback from your team.

If you find yourself avoiding or catastrophising having difficult conversations, then listen in for:

  • The simple mindset shift that allows you to have difficult conversations without the emotion
  • How to give and receive feedback in a powerful way
  • The 3 factors to consider always - preparation, planning, and the impact of the pause, and why!

  • So if it’s time for you to step into your power as an entrepreneur and push your ego (yes, it’s totally involved here!) to the side so you and your team can communicate without the drama, pop this episode on and thank me later!


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