PODCAST #11: How you price your products will affect who you can hire

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

I’m excited to introduce you to my next guest, Courtney Rogers, and share this jam-packed conversation with you. Courtney is a Pricing and Sales Coach based in Brisbane and is fiercely determined to help women in business become confident leaders who charge what they are worth and grow a profitable business.

In this episode, Courtney talks about what a pricing and sales coach actually does and how a lack of confidence is one of the biggest blocks that she sees occurring for women in business. We discussed the importance of knowing the value of what you give and why your pricing needs to be in the forefront of your thought process to factor in the team you want to build.

We talked about thinking about pricing in a different way, building a service portfolio and looking at your reviews and testimonials for insights into your pricing. No matter where you’re at in business, there is so much value to take away.



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