PODCAST #18: Why a Dream Team is 100% available to you (regardless of your stage of business)

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

We all want the dream - dream life, dream relationship, dream biz. And yes, that includes the dream team to go with it - cos truth be told it isn’t a dream biz without a dream team!

In today’s episode, I’m going to let you in on a secret. That unicorn team member you dream of? The one you wonder if they even exist. I’m sharing the simple mindset tip you need to ensure you get out of your own way and create the dream biz with the dream team (*unicorn team member included) that you so deserve.

I share with you:

  • Why anyone that tells you an amazing unicorn team member ISN’T out there waiting for you… is wrong
  • Why all the reasons why you think you should wait are actually the exact reasons you shouldn’t
  • One key mindset shift that you can make to help make your dream team possible
  • The simple step you can take right now to start to shift into the role of a powerful graceful CEO who is supported by her dream team.
  • So if you have had enough of the hustle and grind and want the free pass to get you your dream team…this ep’s for you!


    Paula talks about her brand new Hire Smarter Challenge (starting March 8th, 2022) & how you can join for free - it’s 3 days and 3 ways to make your next hire a dream team one!

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