PODCAST #20: From feeling dread to feeling excited with Georgia Harding

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

On this week’s episode I have the incredible pleasure of interviewing my client Georgia Harding to share
the behind the scenes of her recent hiring experience, hiring that oh-so critical role in a business, an
Operations Manager.

Georgia is the founder of Well Nourished, a business that provides healthy and delicious food recipes via
a membership site, ebooks and thriving community.

She’s also a very capable human being and as an entrepreneur she’s used to being the driving force
behind her business. With big goals for 2022 she knew she needed to expand and change her team to
take on more responsibility allowing her to release the reins of the operations side of her business.

This is a true behind the scenes conversation where Georgia shares not only what she did but also how
she felt throughout her recent hiring experience and team changes and I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to
all the big feelings that come up when we are facing something that feels hard and uncomfortable.

Listen in to hear how Georgia went from feeling ‘dread’ to excited…well before she’d even found her
person and all the details in between that landed Georgia her latest rockstar into her team.

Oh and if you aren’t following Georgia.. You absolutely should! Her business and her team are all


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