PODCAST #14: Let's talk about FEAR and how it shows up when you are hiring - with Sophia Pallas

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

This episode is one every entrepreneur and biz owner will relate to. In fact, I’m sure it will have you nodding & agreeing all the way through. Why? Because we’re talking about fear. And most importantly, the inevitable way it has of showing up with a vengeance when it comes to considering hiring your team.

I chat with copywriter, astrologer, and intuitive launch coach Sophia Pallas, about the very relatable process she went through with her hire. Sophia shares how she felt the fear and did it anyway. Was it easy? Was it worth it? Is her biz better for it?

If you’re stuck in the groundhog and overwhelmed of doing #allthethings whilst your fears are keeping you stuck, tune in to hear

- The 5 fears everyone can relate to creating obstacles to making necessary and strategic hires
- The most important realisation Sophia needed to move through this
- And how it’s possible to trade feeling fear and overwhelm for light and expansive, allowing you to breathe in your business again

If you’re feeling stuck and want to give 2022 the absolute best chance of success in your business – you want to listen to Sophia’s experience and the totally workable wisdom she shares. Consider this episode your free pass to bypass the fear altogether!

Sophia Pallas helps entrepreneurs connect deeply with their soul purpose to write copy that feels great, makes more $$$ and truly serves their client – so be sure to check out the links to her biz below.


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