Don’t hire them because you like them

April 3, 2023

Paula Maidens Don't Hire Them Because You Like Them

The #1 biggest hiring mistake that I often see with my clients is that they have hired someone because they liked them.

Rather than, going through the hiring assessment process properly and hiring someone that they KNOW WITH CONFIDENCE can do exactly what they need them to do and exactly how they want it to be done.

Often this is harder than it sounds as my clients are hiring when they feel stressed, overwhelmed and sometimes, even a bit lonely.

When they meet a potential team member AND they feel a connection, they attach EMOTION to their POTENTIAL based on how much they LIKE them.

Yep, it’s true and happens all the time!

But when you are growing a 7-figure business that runs like a well-oiled machine, hiring based off this EMOTIONAL POTENTIAL isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, you need to replace your emotion with evidence of their ABILITY to to meet your requirements by:

> Testing and checking if they can do the specifics


> Discussing both the “right nows” and the “later’s” of the job

When they tick all of the boxes above, and you like them..

>>>> Then BOOM!

You KNOW they are exactly WHO to CHOOSE for the role and for your biz!

Trust me when I say, spending the time to hire right and create a rockstar team is WORTH the effort.

My clients vary so much in their size and industry and for some clients, it’s a hire or a few tweaks and it’s done.⁠

For others, the complexity of their business or the pace of their growth means that there is always something to work on.⁠

There are a number of ways that I can support you to build your dream team or transform your existing team into what you truly desire. 

Book in a FREE Dream Team Discovery Call with me here and let’s have an obligation free chat about your business and I’ll share my honest opinion about whether I can help you.  


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