Strategic Clarity Session

Get the clarity you need on your leadership, hiring or team performance


When your business is firing on all cylinders and you feel supported (by a team performing like A-Players), your big goals feel easy.

But when it feels like you are doing all the heavy lifting, or your team is broken, stuck in a cycle of reaction and chaos, missing deadlines, or relying too much on you, it can start to feel like it’s too hard and not worth it anymore.

Suddenly ‘going to work’ is no longer fun and what you used to love now feels like a bad dream.


WHAT IF you had a clear path with exact steps to move through to get your time back, create more freedom, more profit and live a balanced life you

want and deserve?

Delegating Workshop
The Strategic Clarity Session is perfect if you...
  • Feel too busy, because you are the central piece holding everything together, from deadlines to details.
  • You are trying to work out how to get your team to take on more responsibility and stop relying on you the whole time so that you can get your time back.
  • Feel "busy" and like you never get to the bottom of your to-do list.
  • Need to free up your time to focus on growth or, simply slow down and enjoy life a little more.

We'll dive deep into your situation, your challenges and map the exact path forward for your business.

You'll walk away feeling clear & empowered - just like Kate & Alice...


“Paula was great, knew exactly how to break down the moving parts in my business and provided clarity on the roles & tasks I needed help with to streamline my business. The process was fantastic and I have lots to work with. She was lovely to work with and also very to the point. We moved through so many things in our session and she helped me identify the areas I need help with and how to find that person. I would highly recommend working with Paula."

Kate McDonald,
Launch Strategist & Ecommerce Business Coach

“Paula you were amazing. I am so grateful to have been able to sit and work through the hurricane in my head with you. Calm seas post our meeting and so much more trust in myself, my business and my direction. I’ve gained the structure and ability to place what felt like monumental tasks into clear and easy to understand systems for both myself as a leader AND a team member already working with me or whom I am calling in to be a part of the team. I have had multiple weeks now where all the tasks I have needed got completed behind the scenes and I haven't paid it a single breath of attention (in a good way!).

The strategy call has given me time-freedom, less stress, and provided a better customer experience in my business. It provided the opportunity to create a clear vision for team roles already in play and in the future, instantly executable changes that improve the team flow and experience straight away."

Alice Nicholls,
Founder, The Whole Daily

Here's how it works:

The Strategic Clarity Session is one-off way of working together that has 3 parts:

  • Comprehensive Questionnaire.

A pre-call questionnaire for you to share your current situation and powerfully prepare us both for our time together.

  • 1 x 90-minute Zoom Call. 

A powerful, laser-focused session where we quickly get to the heart of your challenges by diving deep into details.

We discuss strategy, and options and map the exact path forward for your business so that you feel confident and empowered to execute it.

  • 1 Week Of Email & Voxer Support.

For questions that pop up later or any resistance and speed bumps you face as you implement.. I'm here!



What's included in the Rockstar Team Clarity Session?


Questionnaire & Templates

Before the call - you'll complete a questionnaire which peels pack the layers of your current business, your team, your preferences and prepares us both to maximise our time together.

The strategic questions in questionnaire will help you to share with me your situation, your leadership style, team challenges and get you in the right mindset for a powerful call.

During the call - we get really specific and we start taking action (such as drafting a script for that conversation you need to have, or writing your job advert) and I'll share with you any relevant templates or examples to fast track and support your implementation.


90 Minute Clarity & Action Call

This is a powerful laser focused call where you can tap into my 17+ years of experience consulting & coaching to 100's of clients plus my own entrepreneurial journey.

We dive deep into your current situation, and discuss options and examples so that you can choose the path forward that's right for you.

It's a combination of coaching, consulting & done-together.

By the end of 90 minutes you'll feel crystal clear and empowered knowing exactly what you need to do & how to do it.

Hosted on Zoom, recorded & sent to you. 


1 WEEK of Support

Hung up the call and forget to ask something? No worries!

Taking action and something pops up? I'm still here!

Want me to review a document and share further thoughts? Send it through!  

You get 1 WEEK of access to me via private email or private Voxer support for anything that comes up after our time together.

This call is right for you if:

  • You have a team and feel disappointed, frustrated, or unsure about their performance. You may have a challenge with one person in particular or the output of the whole team.
  • You feel like you are spending a lot of money but everything is still reactive and a bit chaotic. You know something needs to be improved but aren't sure what (or what to focus on first!)
  • Or you don’t have a team yet, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and want to get support to free your time up and finally grow. You aren't sure where to start or who to hire. You want to maximise the likelihood of success. You might be unsure what the role looks like, where to find the person or how to interview them properly.

This call is not right for you if:

  • You don’t want to take action and just want to sit in the drama of the situation
  • You aren’t willing to learn/change/improve the way you do things
  • You don't like systems or processes
  • You have a legal employee issue (for example an employee has lodged a complaint against you with a legal body, or you are being sued). You best chat with a lawyer.

Book your

Strategic Clarity Session

It's time to get to the heart of your challenges, decide what success looks like, and walk away with absolute clarity.


  • Pre-Session Questionnaire
  • 90 Minute Session via Zoom
  • Implementation Templates
  • 1 Week Of Email / Voxer Support
  • * inc GST if you are an Australian business

Hear from some of my past happy clients...


“Paula Maidens stands alone when it comes value. She’s like the gift that just keeps giving. Passionate, thoughtful, curious, professional. Every single touchpoint I had with Paula delivered a 10x return!

I engaged Paula, after a strong recommendation from one of her clients (who happens to be a dear friend), to help me make my first ever hire. And I cannot thank her enough.

I had zero idea where to begin and within minutes of our first call I knew I was in safe hands. Her wealth of expertise and experience, coupled with an unparalleled generosity gave me the clarity and confidence to do what I’d been putting off for over 2 years.

She was so patient with me. She personalised everything. It was clear she genuinely cared about me, my brand and my success, and was willing to do anything to see me win.

Aside from giving me a deep understanding about the entire hiring process, and the incredible work she did to draw out an exceptional job description and set of interview questions, what I loved most was the confidence she gave me to own my own value.

To be proud of what I’ve achieved and to own that I was ready to take the first big step to building a bigger, better, more beautiful business.

If you’re a small biz owner like me, or someone who knows next to nothing about the entire hiring process, I cannot recommend Paula enough for supporting you on your journey. And I’ve since discovered she’s a secret weapon to many successful entrepreneurs on the scene. Hire her immediately."

Mykel Dixon,
CEO, Mykel Dixon

“I worked with Paula and the impact it's had on my business is absolutely incredible. I've become a lot more clear with my team. She really helped me to define the roles that I needed within my team and I really think that I've just become a much better leader as a result.

I cannot recommend Paula enough. She honestly has just been so fantastic and so instrumental in helping me to build a better and more profitable business.”

Georgia Harding,
Owner, Well Nourished

"I started working with Paula as my quickly growing business was experiencing staffing issues and I needed help. Paula's coaching immediately helped me to navigate a really tricky period of huge staff growth and how to use the learnings that came from that. Not only was Paula a trusted resource for advice, but she also taught me how to best handle HR situations for myself. Working with Paula, I feel like I learnt 10 years of trial and error type learning very swiftly and successfully with the help of someone who has been there and done that. Paula's broad experience and her cool, calm, collected and curious way of working has rubbed off on me and I now find myself thinking quite frequently "What would Paula do?" and I've already sung Paula's praises to someone in need. "

Allan Frisken,
Founder, Muse Pilates Studio

"I reached out to Paula during a challenging growth phase for our team. Paula's coaching immediately equipped us with practical tools, resulting in swift improvements in our approach to briefs and follow-up.

Paula listens so well that your answers are always spot on, as opposed to feeling railroaded into a one-size-fits-all solution. Working with Paula was easy, helpful, thought-provoking, and a great investment."

Jessica Ndenda,
CEO & DIRECTOR, Olive Louise Social

“I had gotten to the point where I thought - I can't do everything that I'm doing. It was very much that circumstance of waiting until you're too busy to do it, and then it gets messy. I wanted to get someone to help me, free up my time to spend with clients, and choose how I was using it.

I loved that you were so transparent with your own hiring processes and you could talk through that which gave me light bulb moments to consider things that I hadn't actually considered before.  Now that I've hired, all I need to do is show up in my zone of genius and everybody takes care of the rest. That is the transformation."

Peta Serras,
Owner, The Professional Babe

“After just a couple of hours together in our initial strategy call, I was really impressed with your knowledge and how you were able to help me feel confident, supported and assured with where the team was currently and how 'normal' the challenges that we are facing are. I'm excited to work with you for the next few months and it feels good to know I have you on my side to support ME from the top to navigate this next stage of team and business changes and growth."

Allana Frisken,
Owner, Muse Pilates Studio

“What I loved most about working with Paula was her genuine care. She is easy to talk to, incredibly smart and most importantly, LISTENS. It's rare to find someone who truly cares about your business and wants to get in the weeds to help you! I now have a lot more clarity on my team, who I need to hire, who I need to let go of and how I can leverage my team so that I can grow! I feel empowered that I am the CEO, can lead my team and that I have systems and structure in place to continue growing.”


Dr. Heather Finley,
Gut Health Specialist

“I had a Strategy session to help with my next hire and I loved how easy, simple and clear working with Paula was. It saved me time and gave me the tools I needed to take the next steps and I will enthusiastically recommend you.”

Kyla De Clifford,

“Paula was very professional and knowledgeable, and understood what I needed to learn and set right. Paula was easy, friendly and engaging to work with.”

Natasha Johnston,
CEO, Drought Angels

“I loved the experience of working with Paula during our Strategy Session. I was overwhelmed and needed support, but didn't know exactly what that support could look like. The session with Paula clarified my answers to all my questions and left me with a sense of confidence in how to move forward in this next chapter of my business.

I appreciated the ways Paula drew on her expertise and experience to guide me in the decision making process, in a way that was tailored to my specific circumstances and vision for my business. As a result of our session I have created a job advertisement and am looking forward to the process of expanding my team. I'd absolutely recommend Paula, and am so grateful for her support."

Sophie Brock

Sophie Brock,
Motherhood Studies Sociologist

“I had a clarity call with Paula recently as I was looking to hire a new role in my business. I needed a lot of guidance for the entire process and Paula absolutely delivered!

At the end, she wrote the job description for me and it was the icing on the cake. Paula has the skill and expertise to extract all that's necessary from you and make sense of it all.”

Desiree Robards,
Owner, Naked Digital Marketer

“I booked a Strategy Session with Paula as I needed to create time and better processes Paula understood the issues at hand and created space for solutions that will work for everyone. I was able to implement her suggestions and strategies with quick easy action. Paula made it fun and I absolutely recommend working with her.”

Sharon Steele,
Education & Communications, Dogs That

“Paula was so very approachable from the start. Her general conversational approach made it easy to express the challenges we were facing and feel supported in her suggestions for changing our approach and broadening our strategy. Paula delivered structure and results in just two hours and did so with kindness and empathy.”

Kylee Kay,