"I signed up for Paula's VIP Day to focus on how to best hire new staff, work with existing staff, and resolve the issue of me being the bottleneck in the process.

The quality of advice given by Paula and the streamlined action plan we created, provided me with greater clarity on what to train staff on and how. I would highly recommend the VIP Day"

Richard Jefferies



Richard Jefferies,

Director-Newbridge Financial Service

A VIP Private Coaching Day


When you’re a small business owner and you begin hiring people to support you, it can start to feel frustrating, hard and emotional if you don’t have the right systems and frameworks in place to support both you and your team to all thrive.

You’ll know if you have gaps in your team framework or systems when although revenue may have grown, costs feel equally high and YOU as the boss feel busier than ever.

You've probably lost control over your diary, time and headspace and even though in theory, you have more people than ever “supporting you”, it feels harder, not easier.

When you're constantly interrupted by your team, your hours can blow out and you can find yourself resenting the $$ you are paying the people who are meant to be supporting you.

To get beyond this messy stage and into a place where you all work efficiently and well together... YOU need to step up and LEAD your team (and stop letting them lead you).

It's time to up-level yourself beyond

📈successful entrepreneur mode and into

🔥successful impactful leader mode.

Paula M-Successful Entrepreneur mode and Successful impactful leader mode

A successful impactful leader…

Has strong team systems and frameworks in place that means everyone communicates & operates like a well oiled machine in an organised and spacious way, so they can truly perform.


You already know that you can’t keep working the way you are. You are going to burn out or burn it down if you don’t get into a rhythm and flow with your team.

But how do you do that?

A VIP Private Coaching day

(Yep, you read right!) In just one day, we’ll get:

✨clear on your strategy
✨decide your exact direction and
✨create your exact path forward...

so you can finally kick your leadership doubts to the curb and put your foot down on the accelerator towards creating the business and life of your dreams.



This day is custom designed for you and your unique small business. It’s for business owners who want to shift out of the cycle of business being so reliant on you.

It’s for you if you want to hand over more to your team, be able to step away from the daily distractions and demands of your business and team, to be able to think, create or even just relax a little or take a proper holiday!

A VIP Private Coaching & Consulting Day is a empowering step towards elevating your leadership, your business, and ultimately your teams performance by taking a day to completely focus and deep dive into what’s not working and what needs to happen to fix it, both for the short and long term.

Full Day Intensive

A Full Day Intensive

Will allow you to tackle what’s been feeling like a big issue or a big block, in a completely supported, safe, calm way and after just a short amount of time together you’ll look back and think ‘gosh, it all seems simple now’.

🤌 You’ll get the trifecta of the energy, motivation and the practical tools

To create the momentum towards change that you’ve been desiring to get your business through a sticky transitional phase.

💫 These days are both intense and spacious

So you can ask all your little and big questions that have been building up, in a way that is fully facilitated by Paula and doesn’t feel like ‘hard work’.

✍️ You’ll complete a pre-work questionnaire

To get all the important information out of your head so your day can be custom designed to achieve your desired outcome.  This means we'll be able to dive straight into deep focused powerful time together and make huge progress... in just one day. 

INVESTMENT: A VIP Private Coaching & Consulting Day can be in-person or remote in various locations.  Pricing starts at $3,000 + GST.

Why work with Paula?

You may not have heard of a Hiring Strategist or Leadership Coach before, and that’s ok.  (Neither had I when I chose that title for myself!)

So let me take a moment to explain what you’ll get and what you should expect when you work with me.

Paula M

Working with me is not like working with a traditional business coach or consultant (at least not any of the ones I’ve met…)

We aren’t going to talk about how you’ll grow your revenue, or the latest marketing trends... but we will talk about how you can deliver at your existing level of business better, which means you'll create the space to grow (if you want to that is..!)

Or if growth is your focus - then we'll talk about the changes needed to your team to get you there... (because what got you here, won't get you there).

My work is specialised and focused on your leadership and your team's performance. It's about how you find, engage and motivate other people to walk your business journey with you, in the most spacious and efficient way possible.. so you can stop feeling like you are carrying the weight of it all on your shoulders.


Maybe you need to hire in new support. Maybe you need to delegate more to your existing team. Maybe you need to work out how to get your existing team operating more efficiently and getting more done.

You probably need to work out how to communicate with everyone better. You probably need everyone to communicate better with each other. You probably need to clean up people’s roles so they truly know what you want them producing. You may need to rejig some roles and responsibilities in the process. You probably need to learn how to be clearer with your expectations and feedback so you can stop feeling stuck with your words. 

You’ll know if you are ready to work with me, because you’ve already worked out your business model and how to market and sell your amazingness. Now you want it to FEEL easier at this level so you can get excited about growth again without the need to be involved in #every #little #detail.

That’s what I can help you with.

It's time to work on you...

Yes. I said it.   


It’s time for YOU to evolve from awesome capable business owner & entrepreneur to Leader & CEO of a business with a team of capable loyal team members who you know and trust to deliver.


And most traditional business coaches & consultants don’t know how to strategically coach and support you to make this transition.  


They can helpfully share templates or the process that’s worked for them… and it’s up to you to hope it'll work out OK for you too.


The secret to YOUR team success lies within YOU

That means YOU learning how to be a strategic and effective leader in a way that is completely authentic so it will be effective for YOUR individual and unique business and team...

That's what I'm here to teach you.
Paula - 14 Years

For the last 14 years I’ve worked as a coach and consultant to a ridiculously wide range of businesses of all shapes, sizes, industries & business models globally.  

Plus I’ve started 3 businesses in that time! I've sold one, still have one and have a million "lessons" from the other one, that I’ll happily share with you.

Plus I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant (albeit that was a while ago) but it means I care about your profit and your ROI (return on investment) when it comes to your team.

Because without a team, your business can't grow beyond your personal capacity.

BUT without a good return (meaning profit and paying yourself) your business isn’t sustainable.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how incredibly important all these things are… PLUS I believe that you’ve got to play the game of business in a way that works for your life


(As a mum of 2, a very happy wife and someone who is obsessed with work-life balance, this lands pretty close to my heart).


Ok I think that’s enough about me, you get the gist.


In summary, if you want to work with someone who has real qualification, experience and completely understands how entrepreneurship can feel exhilarating one day and impossible the next and has proven experience to support you to be a success, then I’m your girl. 




“Working with Paula was exactly what our 7 figure company needed. She was extremely knowledgeable with every detail of the hiring process and guided us to dial that in for not only the position we were looking to fill but also for future hires as well. Her "just because you can, should you" question was a brilliant way of allowing us to stay in our zone of genius and outsource the things that support our business to continue to thrive. Her process is clear, concise, and makes scaling your team super easy and fun! Best money we have spent in our business! 10/10 recommend! ”

Keeli Martinez,

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“When we first started working together I was keen to bring more skills into the team & was feeling like I didn’t have enough support in general. I was feeling burnt out & knew I was being the bottleneck in the business by doing so many things I didn’t need to. I had been trying to bring people into the business on my own, but it wasn’t working out, so I knew I needed support. Paula helped me to understand firstly my leadership style & from there get clarity on the right sort of people I needed in each role to fit with my expectations. We did a bit of a restructure with the existing team and Paula coached through those tricky conversations so I could have them in a way that felt good to me.

I now feel really clear about who I need on my team, what each role looks like and I feel really confident with the hiring and interview process. Thank you for your guidance and support! If anyone is looking to get support in their business with recruitment Paula is the lady! Go to her because she will support you all the way. I have absolutely loved working with you, thank you for all your support and help!”

Kelly McHugh

Kelly McHugh,
Director - Digital Yoga Academy