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WHAT IF you had a clear path with exact steps to hire a team that completely understands your vision, helps you execute it with precision and creates space for you to achieve your

big dreams?

I know that when you close your eyes, you see yourself having more time for yourself and the space to think, grow and explore more revenue opportunities.

In order to do that, you need to surround yourself with the right support system. People who actually get you, what you truly need and who can deliver it without a huge fuss (or a huge budget).

The problem is, you don't know how to hire the right team who you can trust to get the job done, which makes you feel frustrated, impatient and stuck.

I believe every entrepreneur deserves to have a capable team that they trust and have an unshakable belief that their team is able to deliver on their big dreams.

I get it. You're not alone. A lot of my clients experience major disappointment with people they've hired. They end up doing half their job for them, feel busier than every and totally resent it.

Which is why I've bundled my 15 years of corporate recruitment & HR experience to teach the exact steps to recruit with confidence AND teach you a simple framework to transform the performance of your existing team, so you can finally relax knowing they are doing the job you've hired them to do!

In addition to helping you grow your team, Paula can also run the numbers and do a mean downward-facing dog.

Here's how we do it:

  • First, we uncover your unique leadership style and design a team strategy that uniquely suits your vision and big, bold business goals.
  • Second, we look at the existing team and devise a way to make them work in better synergy with your strengths so that you can both thrive in your roles. We’ll identify the gaps in your dream team and map an exciting recruitment plan to take your business to it’s next stage
  • Thirdly, you’ll learn how to have a dynamic and empowering flow of communication so your team members are individually thriving and producing the work you need, so you can feel at ease, trusting that your team has got your back and knowing you can confidently focus on what’s important and see real momentum towards your big goals

This program is most suited to businesses who are multiple 6-figures and beyond. When you are scaling fast you need to build or catch up your support system asap, so this 12 week program will work perfectly to support you to elevate into your role as CEO and set your business up for it's next stage of growth.

What's Next? We jump on a Discovery call, we'll chat about your dream team, map a path forward and see if it feels right to work together.

Empowering you to be the CEO you know you can be

  • You'll brain will explode with how simple it can be as you learn how to rapidly transform your existing team into the thriving team your business needs
  • You'll feel fully supported, graceful and powerful as you lean into (and enjoy!) your new identity as an empowered CEO who confidently knows how to lead, inspire and motivate her team to perform
  • Your dreams and big goals will feel possible knowing you have your soul team on board for the journey with you

“Amazing business coach for anyone with staff and looking to manage processes more efficiently. Excellent recruitment strategist. Absolutely over-delivers. Couldn't recommend enough”

Jane McFadden,
Director - Body and Mind

“I am feeling excited for the future, less overwhelmed and more structured in my business management and leadership approach.

I feel better equipped with the right language and the approach to use when facing difficulties with my remote team.

By working together I have been able to cement or clarify my direction for my business which is flowing into a clearer understanding of my expectations for my staff.

Thank you!”

Sarah Parkinson,
Director - Diverse Bookkeeping